Kalamazoo Parents’ Picks for Favorite Orthodontists- 2021

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Finding an Orthodontist that Aligns with Your Family’s Needs

I had braces for two and a half years.  And while it felt like an eternity as a teen, I only have distant memories of the brackets and wires that straightened my teeth. The part I won’t forget, however, is my orthodontist:  he had nicknames for all of his patients and told terrible dad jokes.

While I didn’t appreciate braces at the time, I am so grateful as an adult for my smile.

My kids often ask if they will have braces someday. My answer is always the same: “probably,” followed by “but it will be easy.” I can say this confidently because I know we will choose the right orthodontist for our family too. And while I can’t guarantee corny jokes, I know he or she will make my kids comfortable.

Orthodontists for Kalamazoo Families

There are a number of skilled orthodontists in the Kalamazoo area offering braces, Invisalign and other treatments for teeth alignment. Every name in this guide received significant votes from our readers.

Any sponsors you see were first voted by our readers and then were invited to offer more information about their practice.

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Voting Results: Kalamazoo Orthodontists

Does your teen or tween need braces? Orthodontia is a significant commitment, both in time and finances for many families. Our readers named these orthodontists the best in town.

Top Kalamazoo Doctor 2021

Voted Top Orthodontist

Dr. S. Jay Bowman at Kalamazoo Orthodontics

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Dr. S. Jay Bowman DMD MSD at Kalamazoo Orthodontics

Voted a Top Orthodontist in Southwest Michigan

My son was initially nervous about his first visit to the orthodontist. The doctor and staff were exceptionally friendly, answered all of our questions, and made him feel at ease the entire time. The kids club even has him excited about future visits.

A Note From Dr. S. Jay Bowman DMD MSD's Office

Every day at Kalamazoo Orthodontics, we create these incredible, natural smiles, but we also engage people with our unique, caring KO Experience. We built this practice with our patients in mind, so we go all out to ensure kind, personalized care and comfort for all that walk through our doors. Dr. Jay Bowman is among the most highly regarded professors, inventors, and innovative orthodontic specialists in the world. Team KO has also assembled a talented group to make certain that you feel right at home in any of our three convenient locations in Portage, Paw Paw, and Kalamazoo.

Dr. Thomas Kwong at Kwong Orthodontics, P.C.

Voted a Top Orthodontist in Southwest Michigan

Everything about this office is welcoming, especially the staff and Dr. Kwong himself. I never leave without a smile and now my smile is twice as big as before! As a teenage girl who has been through a dental roller coaster ride at previous locations, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.
- Shelby L

A Note From Dr. Thomas Kwong's Office

We are a team of talented professionals who strive to bring a fun-filled, comfortable environment to our patients and to produce beautiful smiles and memorable experiences.

From the first contact at Kwong Orthodontics, our orthodontist, Dr. Kwong, is committed to your individual attention and strive to provide personalized oral health care tailored for your unique orthodontic needs and goals. We work hard to create the ultimate stress-free and comfortable orthodontic experience.

Your health and comfort are our top priorities, and we do what it takes to help every patient understand their symptoms and treatment options in a relaxed office setting.

Dr. Tisha Randall and Dr. Brandon Knapp at Drake Road Orthodontics

Voted a Top Orthodontist in Southwest Michigan

Drake Road Orthodontics provides exceptional service and their staff is beyond helpful. They always have time to answer questions and take time to make us comfortable with their treatment plan. Dr. Randall is extremely knowledgeable while also being caring, warm and welcoming. I have had positive experiences for all three of my children, including metal braces, Invisalign, and treatment leading up to and after jaw surgery. We’ve been very pleased and highly recommend Drake Road Orthodontics.

A Note From Dr. Tisha Randall and Dr. Brandon Knapp's Office

Every time someone smiles it puts happiness into our Kalamazoo community creating a ripple effect that makes a better world for all of us. That is why at Drake Road Orthodontics we are honored to be a part of each of our patients’ smiles. We see kids as early as age 7 so we can evaluate their smile development, or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to do something for yourself.

An inclusive and fun environment coupled with the highest quality care is what we’re all about! We’re confident that our patients will love not only the outcome of their beautiful smile, but their entire journey at DRO. We’re focused on providing treatment options catered specifically to each patient at DRO. We are uniquely suited to do this because we are the only practice in Kalamazoo with two orthodontists. No rushing here, Dr. Randall and Dr. Knapp have time to talk with patients and parents at every appointment. Our complimentary exam and consultation at DRO is just the first step in our relationship. We know that the individualized treatment you receive with us will make for a wonderful journey and life-changing results.

Check out our website and give us a call, we look forward to meeting you!

More reader-recommended Orthodontists, in order of most votes:

1 – Bowman, Dr. S. Jay (Kalamazoo Orthodontics)
2 – Kwong, Dr. Thomas (Kwong Orthodontics)
3 – Randall, Dr. Letitia (Drake Road Orthodontics)
4 – Grabowski, Dr. Kenneth W. (Dr. Grabowski Orthodontics)
5 – Knapp, Dr. Brandon (Drake Road Orthodontics)

Selecting your Family’s Orthodontist

Investing in braces and other orthodontic treatments can be overwhelming. By selecting an orthodontist recommended by Kalamazoo area parents, you can feel confident that your provider will be the right fit for your family.

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