Academy of Dance Arts Fosters a Supportive Community Both Inside and Out of the Studio

Academy of Dance Arts 2022

Find Your Dance Family at Academy of Dance Arts

As parents, we want our children to find activities that are fun, educational and engaging.

Whether it’s computer programming, painting with acrylics or pitching an amazing curveball, we search for the best instructors to further those passions.

My son’s favorite activity is soccer, where he discovered his love of playing defense. I, in turn, dove headfirst into finding the right camps, classes and teams to foster his love of playing.

But we all know the impact that the right program or coach can provide.

It’s the difference between being “one and done” with a sport or activity, versus growth that can span multiple years.

For dancers, the Academy of Dance Arts in Portage is more than just a dance studio. It’s a community of caring instructors that not only develop technical skills, but also build a long-term relationship with your family.

As ADA Director Emily Robbins explains:

"How we balance education and excitement in our classrooms is unique to ADA. Our faculty and staff are the heartbeat of our studio and they take this very seriously. Each member of our staff is on a journey to continually grow and give our families everything we have, every day."
Academy of Dance Arts 2022

The team at the Academy of Dance Arts prides itself on being a special place, and they invite all levels of dance skills into their award-winning studio.

Whether families are seeking recreational or pre-professional instruction, all abilities are welcomed. They also offer a “happiness guarantee” to try a class for a month.

The “Happiness Guarantee” Ensures a Perfect Fit

Starting a dance class for the first time can be intimidating, and many kids may not be sure where their interests lie.

After enrolling your tutu-loving daughter in ballet, you may discover that tumbling is really her passion. But now you’ve signed up for a full dance season! What do you do now?

Academy of Dance Arts wants every dancer to find their perfect fit and LOVE to dance. That’s why they offer trial classes.

This “try before you buy” approach allows children to attend one month of class and make sure that they are comfortable, engaged and excited about a particular dance style before enrolling.

How does it work? If after attending their first 4 classes, you are not completely happy with the class experience you are welcome to withdraw with nothing further to pay.

The ADA Community Inspires Growth Beyond Dance

What sets the Academy of Dance Arts apart from other studios is its focus on the whole child- not just the dancer.

ADA Director Emily Robbins adds:

"Our parents love us because they know that their child is not only receiving a quality dance education but we are also fostering an environment where their child is able to build self confidence, feels cared for, and creates lifelong friendships and magical moments that they will remember always. We are about building a positive community."

Dancers are guided through their many stages of life through dance, but also as maturing young adults.

ADA instructors cheer alongside parents with all successes. They also assist and support them with challenges, irrespective of whether they are related to dance.

It’s no surprise that the team at the Academy of Dance Arts hears from dance alumni that the lessons they learned at ADA are helping them today in their adult lives.

"Morgan was a late bloomer in the dance world since she started dancing at the age of 10...She has learned time management, how to take criticisms to improve, endurance, how to be graceful both in beauty of dance and in the competition world, and confidence. She has made life-long friendships at ADA. Morgan has been taught by fabulous teachers that also emanate the love of dance and are such positive role models! Thank you so much ADA...our second family!"
- Jennifer C

Dance Classes Offered

Academy of Dance Arts offers both recreational and pre-professional dance instruction, for ages two to 18 years old.

They teach classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro Dance, Pom, and offer an all-boys program.

Academy of Dance Arts 2022

Learn More About Academy of Dance Arts

ADA’s video invites families to learn more about their amazing dance studio.

Questions? Give them a call for more information: 269-329-2002.

Academy of Dance Arts

536 Romence Rd Ste 109
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