Allegan Event is the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush for the Whole Family!

Allegan Event 2022

Allegan Event’s High Flying Fun is the Perfect Family Outing

Allegan Event

439 River Street, Allegan MI 49010

Whether you’re in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, South Haven, or St. Joseph, hopping over to Allegan Event Family Adventure Center is worth the drive.

Allegan Event has experiences you won’t find anywhere else in Michigan.

Gerah Dutkiewicz, Allegan Event marketing director, invites families to a place where everyone can have fun- not just the kids. Activities include climbing walls, a vertical slide, a free-fall simulator, an arcade, and a zip rail that will take you 35 feet above the ground.

“This is seriously fun for all ages,” says Gerah.

Connect with Family and Friends at Allegan Event

“Connecting” is the theme for Allegan Event, and their team focuses on bringing families and friends together. 

The supercharged activities at Allegan Event are just what people need right now – something to jump-start being a little bit daring again.

“After over two years of a pandemic, a lot of us felt or are still feeling isolated and are ready to get back out and live life,” says Gerah. “We’re stuck behind screens and feeling a bit physically disconnected from other human beings. This is a good time for families to unplug, put their phones away, and go experience this together.”

Allegan Event 2022

Do Something Exhilarating! – This Means You, Mom and Dad

This activity center isn’t just for kids. Adults LOVE playing at Allegan Event, too. That’s what makes it such a perfect family outing. Gerah encourages parents to get off the spectator lines and dive into the fun themselves.

You can help your younger children with some of their activities, and you can also tag team with another adult in your group to help the kids so you can challenge yourself as well. When you take on hair-raising heights or daring climbs, you’re modeling for your kids what it’s like to try new things.

You also get a chance to connect with yourself.

“You have this moment where you overcome some of those mental fears of heights such as stepping off the zip rail platform. It’s a little life lesson about facing your fears,” Gerah says. 

“Once you do it, you feel exhilarated,” she adds. “You were scared, but you did it. That kind of applies to lots of areas of life!”

Allegan Event Has Everything Needed for an Outstanding Day

Hungry kids? No problem. Allegan Event offers a menu of fun food including pizza, chicken wings and tenders, and all the kinds of things kids love. And for the adults? Allegan Event also has a full bar.

See Allegan Event in Action

Everyone is Included at Allegan Event

Allegan Event is amazing to visit year-round! My kids and I had to check out Allegan Event to see what all the hype was about. People were talking about how many thrilling activities they and their kids were digging in this colorful, friendly adventure center.

I was especially interested in an outing that included the entire family, as my kids are ages 1, 3, 9, and 13.

Spoiler Alert: Our expectations were completely exceeded—according to our 3-year-old, it was the “best flying day ever.”

Here’s what it’s like to spend the day at Allegan Event. Kids and adults alike can climb, fly, explore and enjoy tasty treats.

Allegan Event 2022

Inside Attractions at Allegan Event Activity Center

The event center facility is located on River Street, northeast of downtown Allegan.

Inside, you’ll find attractions for all ages and experience levels.

The Sky Trail® rope course with Sky Rail® zip rails at Allegan Event is perfect for adults and big kids over 48″ tall.

Allegan Event Obstacle Course
Sky Tykes® course at Allegan Event

The Sky Tykes® course with Sky Rail® is perfect for little kids up to 48” tall. Adult supervision is required.

The Sky Tykes® course is the perfect space for toddlers to face their fears. I loved watching my daughter’s tiny self in a harness cruising through obstacles. 

On her first time through the course, my daughter needed to be held when using the zip rails. The second time (and the 30+ times after), she was a pro. It was amazing to see her overcome her fears and radically transform into a girl with oodles of confidence.

I’ll say it again: the low-level zip rails and ropes course is perfect for beginners and little ones. 

There is so much to do inside Allegan Event. With its huge variety of activities, you won’t have time to get bored.

New Attraction: Amaze’n Mazes™

Compete with others to emerge victorious in record time with Amaze’n Mazes™ at Allegan Event.

As you enter the maze, you’ll punch your card to record the time you entered, then avoid wrong turns and dead-ends to locate four hidden checkpoints within the maze before you can race to the finish.

Depending on how quickly you complete the maze, you’ll earn points for redemption prizes- plus bragging rights!

This attraction is located outside of Allegan’s Indoor Center.

Allegan Event 2022

Rope Courses With Zip Rail

The upper level is home to the Sky Trail® – 85+ rope elements (including two Sky Rail® zip rails) on a two-level course towering 35 feet in the air. 

You can spend as much time going through the ropes course as you’d like, and you can go at your own pace.

One great feature is that the speed on the zip rails is entirely within your control. They are incredibly smooth and safe, while still providing a nice dose of adrenaline.

Ride the zip rails again and again if you’d like – they’re integrated into the Sky Trail® ropes course as an option.

Allegan Event

Vertical Drop Slide

For the ultimate stomach drop, you’ll want to do the Vertical Drop Slide.

If you’re game, you’ll hold onto a handlebar and be pulled up a giant slide. Once you’re at the top (or when you get brave…), let go and glide down.

It made my stomach drop SO HARD. Highly recommend.

Allegan Event 2022
Vertical Drop Slide at Allegan Event

The Most Creative Rock Walls You’ll Ever See

The calluses on my hands are a testament to how hard we played on the amazingly fun and colorful rock walls at Allegan Event.

allegan event rock climbing wall

Each wall had a different theme… from a head-to-head timed racing wall, to an ice cliff theme wall with pegboard handholds, to giant 3D rubber balls to climb over, up, and around…and so many you would have to see to believe.

allegan event rock walls

Allegan Event offers 16 different Clip ‘n Climb® vertical climbing challenges.

We each had our favorites but agreed that we love them all. Well, maybe not the impossible ‘notably hardest’ beanstalk wall. I am pretty sure only a magician could climb that one…or I’m just out of shape…

Side Note: The staff at Allegan Event are extremely patient and great with children. They encouraged all of my children and guided them hand in hand until their confidence built up enough to fly solo.

Rock Your Arcade Game

Allegan Event recently added a new gaming area.

Siblings – or parents – can play a virtual reality game together or race on motorcycles.

In addition to more modern games, there are also classics like Skee-Ball, a crane machine, and a basketball shoot-out.

This is a great opportunity to have fun while taking a break from the physical exertion of all that climbing.

Outdoor Attractions at Allegan Event – Head Downtown

Summertime visitors will love Allegan Event’s outdoor location!

Take a quick five-minute drive from the event center to Allegan Event’s outdoor location, in the heart of downtown.

Deal Alert: Summer Fun Pack Combo Ticket

Looking to explore inside and out this summer? The Summer Fun Pack Combo Ticket includes the riverfront zip line and Allegan Event’s Premier Combo (Sky Trail® ropes course + Sky Rail® zip rails, Clip ‘n Climb® walls, plus Arcade Game Play).

Once the weather permits (typically in June), you can zip line 600 feet across the Kalamazoo River. Catch unique views of the iron bridge, fountain and river walk.

New Outdoor Attraction: Speed Climb Walls

Located at the riverfront zip line, Allegan Event’s speed walls are climbing walls with timers created to challenge those who want to participate in a friendly competition with a partner.

You can climb solo or pick an opponent to race against. Includes six climbs.

Allegan Event is for Groups Too!

In addition to welcoming families, Allegan Event is the perfect spot for field trips, company outings and parties.

If your group is ready to experience a fun adventure at Allegan Event, they offer volume discounts for groups of 20 or more and you have the option to rent the entire facility!

Need some outdoor activities? The riverfront zip line can accommodate groups of up to 15 at a time.

Learn more about how Allegan Event can make your event one for the record books:

Pro Tips for Your Trip to Allegan Event

Parent to parent, these are the things I’d want to know before heading out for a visit:

  • Wear tennis shoes and comfortable athletic clothing.
  • Bring sunscreen for the downtown zip line.
  • Take advantage of combo pricing to save money. We also recommend purchasing tickets online (some attractions have higher walk-in prices).
  • If you’re visiting with little kids and want to participate yourself, it’s handy to have another adult along because adult supervision is required on the Sky Tykes® course.
  • Concessions and lockers are available. Enjoy snacks in the indoor seating area or on the outdoor patio.

We’ll Be Back

I’m so glad we went and our family will definitely be back.

I think I need to hit the gym or do a few push-ups to prepare for our next trip. Our oldest begged to go back the very next day, but I told her my arms couldn’t hang. Literally!

Allegan Event

439 River Street, Allegan MI 49010

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