At Battle Creek Montessori Academy, Students Are in Charge of Their Own Learning

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Give Your Children a Child-Centered Education at Battle Creek Montessori Academy

Choosing a school for your kids isn’t what it used to be. It’s no longer just walking to the neighborhood school. 

Nowadays parents have so many choices on where to send their kids to school. 

This can make things overwhelming for families. 

Battle Creek Montessori Academy is here to help make that choice a little easier. 

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Battle Creek Montessori Academy is a Tuition-Free Option

399 N 20th St, Springfield, MI 49037

Battle Creek Montessori Academy is a K-8 public charter school located in Springfield, just west of downtown Battle Creek. 

As a public charter school, it is tuition-free. 

Battle Creek Montessori Academy is a small, growing school where students are grouped in multi-age classes, meaning two or three grade levels are mixed together. 

“This gives students access to all levels with their peers,” says interim school leader Allyson  Szymanski. “It provides a more natural learning environment.”

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Parents looking for a Battle Creek preschool can also turn to Battle Creek Montessori Academy.

The school has a Montessori preschool for four year olds. This is a tuition-based program.

Preschoolers can move seamlessly from preschool right into kindergarten, all at the same school.

Montessori Schools are a Hands-On Alternative to Traditional Schooling

Montessori schools are rooted in the research of Maria Montessori who found that children learn best by doing. Her methods emphasize individualized, self-paced learning. 

“Our teachers are the guides here at our Battle Creek Montessori school,” explains Allyson. “But it’s all about the hands-on learning materials.” 

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Classroom teachers guide students towards meeting the state and national standards for their grade level.

“We follow the common core curriculum, but in a much different way.”

Around the eighth week of the school year, teachers help students set up a Work Plan Guide. These guides tell students what tasks need to be completed and provide a due date. 

Students work at their own pace to complete the tasks on their Work Plan. 

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Students aren’t left to fend for themselves, though, if they are struggling. Teachers and peer-leaders will work one-on-one with students who need extra help. 

“Teachers provide more instruction and show the students how different Montessori learning tools can help them meet their learning goals,” Allyson explains.

Few Paper and Pencil Tests for Montessori Students

In traditional classrooms, students sit for a pencil and paper exam to show how much they’ve learned. 

In Montessori classrooms, students are instead closely observed. There are few written tests. 

Teachers use intentional observation to monitor how well students are understanding the curriculum.

They are therefore able to quickly jump in and offer additional support before students get frustrated.

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Teachers have conferences throughout the year with students to help set and prioritize learning goals. 

Students being in charge of their own learning is a foundation for Montessori education.

More Details about Battle Creek Montessori Academy

Parents are not required to have volunteer hours throughout the year. But the school is very active and provides many opportunities for those who want to participate to do so. 

Favorite volunteer opportunities include the Scholastic Book Fair, Glow Party, and popcorn days. 

Free busing is provided for Battle Creek area families as well as free breakfast and lunch for those in need. 

Battle Creek Montessori Academy girls sitting outside school

Set Up Your Tour Today

“We are like a close-knit family here,” Allyson raves. “We are a school filled with dedicated staff and parents and a community who cares for each other.”

Battle Creek Montessori Academy is a fantastic public option for all K-8 students to enjoy a child-centered education. 

Call today to enroll or schedule a tour! 

Battle Creek Montessori Academy

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