Kalamazoo Back 2 School Guide: Events, Supplies and Parent Tips

Back to School Guide Kalamazoo

Are You Ready? Back to the Daily (School) Grind

It’s that time of year again: local stores have replaced patio furniture with notebooks and sparkly pens. Swimsuits are now in the clearance section, as jeans and sweatshirts being to fill the aisles. It’s still 80 degrees outside, and yet fall is just around the corner.

In a few short weeks, those flip flops will be packed away and the leaves that shielded us from the hot summer days will turn yellow, orange and red before they blanket our lawns.

For many families, this also means new backpacks, earlier bedtimes and more structured schedules are on the horizon. Not sure if your family is back to school ready?

Have no fear: we have the best tips and tricks for families to make your children’s transition to school a breeze. We have also included locations for school supplies and local back to school events.

Back to School Guide

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At Paramount Charter Academy we never set limits on how much your child can achieve. We create endless opportunities for your child to become their best and shape instruction to build on the strengths and abilities of each child.

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Start the New Grade Off on a High Note with These Best Practices

We’ve consulted the experts: both educators and families helped provide the best tips and tricks for ensuring a successful school year for kids of all ages:

  1. Practice going to bed and waking up earlier.
  2. Lay out clothes the night before. Have your child select a spot so they always know where things will be in the morning.
  3. Pack backpacks the night before. Making sure important papers, homework, and projects are signed and packed before going to bed.
  4. Pick a dedicated homework spot for your children to use. Stock with extra supplies so they have the tools needed to complete homework.
  5. Discuss the school day routine with your child, especially if they are starting a new school. Visit the school, talk about pick-up and drop-off and what to expect.

– Christine Welc, Principal Paramount Charter Academy

I Have a Kindergartener, What Do I Need to Know?

Backpack Size: Many companies offer different backpack sizes, making it hard to know which size is best. When in doubt, go big. You can also test drive them: pack some folders, shoes, and a lunch bag and see if everything fits. Don’t forget to also leave space for those bulky snow pants.

Packing Lunches: Many students have short lunch periods (around twenty minutes), so make sure food is easy to open and consume. If your child can’t open something independently, cut packaging (like straw wrappers) ahead of time or consider a bento box style container where items are already unwrapped for them.

With all food items, be sure to confirm your school’s food allergy policies. Some may prohibit high allergen foods (such as peanuts) from packed lunches or snacks.

End of Week Exhaustion: Attending school full time definitely leaves some children fatigued by Friday. Don’t be surprised by some sleepiness, frustration or tears. Have no fear though: all kiddos adjust at their own pace and their newfound schedules will become second nature.

Kids back to School Kalamazoo

School Essentials

Before you purchase your first Sharpie, check with your child’s teacher for a school supply list.  When you’re ready to shop, we’ve listed our favorites for both purchasing and donating supplies.

Find the Best Deals on School Supplies

My children love shopping in person (how else will they pick their favorite folder colors?). If your kids are like mine, head to local favorites Walmart, Meijer, Office Depot or Target.

Saving time and shopping online? Many teachers add their lists to Target’s School Supply Assist, where you can shop online for either in-store pickup or home delivery. Amazon is another good choice here too (who doesn’t love Prime next day shipping?).

Lend a Hand with School Supply Drives and Donations

A fantastic way to help local communities is through school supply donations. We’ve listed local organizations that distribute school supplies in the Kalamazoo area:

Kick-off the Upcoming School Year with These Fun Events

Saturday August 24, 2019

Back to School Carnival & Car Show

Date: Sat 08/24/2019
Location:St. Michael Lutheran Church & School – 7211 Oakland Drive PortageCome join us for a Back to School Carnival and 3rd Annual Car Show on Saturday, August 24th, 2019 from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.  This is a free event where you can meet our preschool teachers and have fun playing games and seeing some awesome cars on display.  Treat [...] Time:9:30 am - 1:30 pm

Tell us, Do you have a back-to-school tradition?

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