The Kalamazoo Music School Wows Families with Inspiring Teachers + Lessons 7 Days per Week

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Strike a Chord with Kalamazoo Music School

Music is in all of us, and the Kalamazoo Music School is not only ready to help find your musician’s intrinsic tune but also to cater to the needs of young students and their families.

From ages 5 to 85, the Kalamazoo Music School tailors their programs to grow an initial spark for music into a confident, well-rounded musician.

And in 2020 when flexibility is more important than ever, their school offers the ultimate in scheduling: lessons are offered 7 days per week and can be in-person or virtual.


Whether your kiddo confidently belts all the tunes from Frozen, bangs on your pots and pans, or is filled with enough hot air to make a tuba toot, the Kalamazoo Music School truly has something for everyone.

Lesson Bass-ics

KMS offers virtual lessons in voice & singing, and in-person or virtual lessons in percussion, stringed instruments, woodwinds, piano and brass.

And if your child wants to learn an instrument they don’t have in-house, KMS will rely on its excellent network of local musicians to bring on the perfect instructor for whatever you want to study.

Musical Instruments

Each student is responsible for providing their own instrument. If your musician doesn’t currently own their instrument of choice, the Kalamazoo Music School can assist. They have a network to help families borrow or purchase instruments.

Undecided on whether the guitar, tuba or trombone is your child’s favorite? No problem. KMS happily accommodates students who change instruments. Discounts are also offered for students who study multiple instruments.

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Teaching Methods

Kalamazoo Music School understands that not everyone learns the same way, and it shows in their approach to teaching. Their programs aim to teach the basic “hard stuff” while also nurturing the natural love of music. This approach produces the boldest, most versatile artists.

And if you’re picturing a stuffy teacher forcing old-timey music on disinterested students, think again. Many of the instructors at the Kalamazoo Music School have a background in improvised and popular music and blend the classics with the creativity found in modern melodies.

Reap the Benefits of Music

If you’re on the fence about adding another activity to your child’s busy schedule, rest assured that music has many positive benefits for children of all ages.

Whether it is tickling the ivories to improve motor skills, learning social interactions by playing an instrument within a larger group, building self-esteem by singing in front of a crowd, or recognizing rhythms as patterns to improve math smarts, music classes through KMS will provide your child with many positive perks.


Learning & performing music is more than just reading notes on a sheet; often it is understanding how one instrument compliments others to complete a melody- even while learning virtually.

While the Kalamazoo Music School offers a sense of community through in-person group performances, they have also found that 85% of online musicians still feel connected to the KMS community.

This fall will showcase their outdoor, socially distanced performing jazz ensembles, which boasted 75 musicians aging from 10 to 78 last year. This unique opportunity allows students to learn from both their instructors and more seasoned peers.

Virtual Music Lessons


The Kalamazoo Music School has gone the extra mile to make music lessons available to even the busiest of families. Here’s the scoop on what’s offered:

Instructional Options: Virtual & In-Person, Individual & Group Lessons

Instruments: Guitar, ukulele, piano, singing, voice, drums, bass, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, percussion, violin, viola.

Schedule: Lessons are weekly (30 minutes or more). Lessons are available 7 days/week.

Cost: Varies by type. 30 minute lessons are $125/month + $25 registration fee

Location (In-Person): Kalamazoo Music School, located at 310 N. Rose Street

Homeschoolers: Daytime lessons and homeschooling curricula are available.

Fine Print: Enroll monthly (no long term contracts). No semester minimums. No annual performance fees.

Questions? Contact KMS for more info on how to get enrolled today.


Kalamazoo Music School

310 N Rose Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

FACEBOOK | (269) 350-4311


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