Find Support and Ways to Connect with These Parenting and Play Groups Near Kalamazoo

Parenting Group - Parents and babies

How to Find your Village through Playgroups, Parenting Organizations and Online Groups

Not long after we moved to Kalamazoo, we had our first child. And while I loved being a mom, I quickly discovered how isolating it can be in a new city; the majority of my days were spent with a tiny companion who only drooled and smiled.

I needed to connect with other people who were in the same stage of life who could provide support and friendship; I needed mom friends.

But where to start? How do I find someone to ask advice, grab a coffee, or share a morning at the park with our kids?

Parenting friendships provide an invaluable support system for parents and caregivers. From baby groups to kids open-play gatherings, check out these fun and casual playgroups for making new friends around Kalamazoo and growing that village.

If you know of others that should be included, please leave us a comment.

Parenting and Playgroups near Kalamazoo - Moms and babies

List of Parenting and Community Groups Around Kalamazoo – Meetup, MOPS + More

Whether you’re a first-time parent, a mom of multiples, a father looking to connect with other dads or simply in search of local families to spend time with – there’s a group for local moms and dads. Our list also includes online only forums to provide virtual support and advice. Groups hosts a large variety of groups: moms’ groups, play-date focused groups, caregiver resource forums and other varied interests. Each group has its own membership rules and attendance requirements. Contact the group’s organizer before applying if you have membership questions.

Portage Moms of Munchkins: Playdate group for moms of infants through preschoolers

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are typically large, informal groups that are discussion-focused and do not have participation requirements.

Battle Creek Moms Club: Battle Creek area group for moms to provide support and local recommendations.

Early Elementary Kzoo Homeschoolers: Group for homeschooling preschool through elementary-aged children

Kalamazoo Babywearing Love: Local group for caregivers to connect with other babywearers.

Kalamazoo Dads Group: Dads only group for discussions and playdates. 

Kalamazoo Heart: Homeschooling focused support group for Christian families.

Kalamazoo La Leche League: Local chapter to virtually support breastfeeding moms.

Kalamazoo Mom Friends: Local group for parenting discussions, meetups and advice.

Little Adventurers’ Club- Kalamazoo Area: This group organizes hikes, playdates, storytimes and library visits. 

Zoo Mama: Kalamazoo area moms group focused on parenting advice, local recommendations, and other parenting-related discussions. 

MOPS Groups (Mothers of Preschoolers)

MOPS is an international, Christian organization that is focused on mothers of young children. MOPS sessions meet twice a month, providing free childcare while the moms meet separately. All moms are welcome to join MOPS; you do not need to be a member of the sponsoring church.

Centerpoint Church | 2345 N 10th St, Kalamazoo | 269-375-4815

Centerpoint City Church | 326 W Cork St, Kalamazoo | 269-375-4815

Chapman Memorial Church of the Nazarene | 7520 E U Avenue, Vicksburg | 269-649-2392

First Reformed Church of Portage | 7905 S Westnedge, Portage | 269-327-3694

Oakwood Bible Church | 4100 Oakland Dr, Kalamazoo | 269-349-2835

Gracespring Bible Church | 8643 Gull Rd, Richland | 269-629-9622

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church | 1150 W Centre Ave, Portage | 269-327-5175

Westwood Christian Reformed Church | 620 Northampton Rd, Kalamazoo | 269-381-8691

Other Parenting Groups

Baby Talk | Oshtemo Library | 7265 W Main St, Kalamazoo | 269-341-7521

Parents of infants up to one-year-old can network with other parents and get breastfeeding support. This weekly group is led by a registered nurse. Free.

Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency (KRESA) Community Playgroups

KRESA West Campus | 4606 Croyden Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-250-9649

Comstock Early Learning Academy| 6171 East MN Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-250-8960

Small groups of parents and children (ages 0-4) meet with a parent educator and participate in fun activities. Free.

MOMS Club of Battle Creek 

Local chapter of a non-profit group supporting at-home moms with activities and community service projects.

Otsego Preschool Playgroup | First Baptist Church | 247 E Allegan St, Otsego | 269-694-4160

Informal group of caregivers of small children who meet weekly. Meetings take place in the church’s gym or local playgrounds.

Pathfinder M.O.M.s (Moms on a Mission) | Pathfinder Church | 8740 S Westnedge Ave, Portage | 269-327-6761

Group for moms of children of all ages to promote faith, love, and friendship. This group meets twice monthly.

Tiny Treasures | Haven Church | 5350 N Sprinkle Rd, Kalamazoo | 269-344-5871

Faith-based play group that meets weekly on Monday mornings.

Toddler Playtime | The Point Community Center | 2595 N 10th St, Kalamazoo | 269-350-5496

Children ages 0-5 can play in the gym and meet new friends on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Free.

Toddler Talk | Oshtemo Library | 7265 W Main St, Kalamazoo | 269-341-7521

Toddlers aged 1-3 can play while parents meet on a weekly basis. The group is led by a registered nurse and includes storytime monthly with a librarian. Free.


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