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Pinspiration Kalamazoo

Get Pinspired at Pinspiration Craft Studio in Portage MI

I don’t want to admit it, but I might be slightly obsessed with Pinterest.

I could scroll for hours, drooling over the beautiful home decor ideas, wall hangings, kitchen art, gift ideas, and holiday projects that I could be making.

The projects look so doable if only I had the supplies, the time, and a place to work. Thankfully, DIY craft studio Pinspiration Kalamazoo can help.

Pinspiration Kalamazoo takes care of that if only by offering a fully stocked, DIY craft studio in Portage to provide the supplies and space to create.

And when you want to celebrate with friends or loved ones, Pinspiration is also your destination for parties, date nights, moms night out, and more!

Pinspiration Kalamazoo
Stryker team event at Pinspiration Kalamazoo
Pinspiration Kalamazoo
5880 S Westnedge Ave, Portage, MI 49002
(269) 216-3214

Why “Pinspiration?”

Curious about the shop’s name? Pinterest + Inspiration = Pinspiration

This cleverly named studio is inspired by the trends seen on Pinterest and is the only franchise of its kind in West Michigan.

Pinspiration has the tools, supplies, space, ambiance (hello, full-service bar!), and the clean-up crew to help you cross off some favorite projects off your list.

Reservations and walk-ins are both welcome here.

Pinspiration’s Offerings

So what can you expect at this DIY studio? The short answer is A LOT of fun and flexibility for anyone who wants to craft.

Pinspiration offers special events, VIP parties and walk-in crafts. So whether you’re scheduling in advance or decide to drop in for a last-minute date night, Pinspiration has you covered.

Read on for all of the options this awesome place offers:

Do I Need to be Crafty or Artistic to Make Pinspiration’s Projects?

Pinspiration strives to bring the community together and to help inspire creativity, and that means all ages, skill levels, and genders.

Whether you are an artistic person or have never held a paintbrush, you can make some amazing, fun crafts here.

The team ensures there are crafts available for all ages and interests:

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy hunting, fishing, and woodburning crafts.

Sports fans will find sports-themed stencils for those looking to decorate with their favorite team. There’s even a tv to watch games while you create!

Date Nights & Moms Nights Out

While Pinspiration offers many family-friendly crafts and activities, it is not a space just for kids.

When you need a creative spot for moms to get away or for a fun date night, Pinspiration Kalamazoo needs to be on your list.

With tons of crafting ideas paired with a full-service bar, this studio serves as a great getaway for just the grown-ups.

Pinspiration Kalamazoo offers a full-service bar and television
Date night at Pinspiration

Book Your Party in the VIP Room

Planning a group get-together?

Girl’s nights, guy’s nights, singles groups, kid birthday parties, adult birthday parties, family reunions, team building meet-ups, bachelorette soirees, bridal showers, sorority events, and fundraisers are all invited to Pinspiration’s VIP room.

You pick the people and they’ll provide the space, tools, and supplies.

Book your next party with Pinspiration
Birthday party fun at Pinspiration

How to Book the VIP Room

1 – Choose your DIY: Select a project from their extensive list including art, decor, gifts, and accessories. Each guest chooses their own unique craft or chooses a theme.

2 – Make a reservation: Make a craft party reservation and pay a deposit to secure it.

3 – Enjoy your party!

4 – Take your project home: you and your guests leave with lots of fun memories and finished, handmade crafts in hand.

Sign Up for a Workshop, Class or Special Event

If scheduled events are your thing, Pinspiration Kalamazoo hosts some cool ones for holidays, workshops and camps.

Find a spooktacular Halloween craft, Christmas project with Santa or a camp over school break by browsing their calendar online or Facebook events.

Find special events on Pinspiration’s Facebook page

Walk-in Crafting Options at Pinspiration

Ready to get pinspired? Pinspiration Kalamazoo offers a variety of crafts for you to make in the studio- no appointment needed!

You can select from dozens of the trendiest DIY projects such as porch signs, pallet projects, man cave decor, and even resin art.

Here’s a small sample of current projects at their Portage studio; seasonal crafts are rotated quarterly:

Pinspiration Kalamazoo
Prices are all-inclusive; there are no studio fees at Pinspiration

The Splatter Room

One of the very coolest and most unique activities Pinspiration offers is their Jackson Pollock-themed Splatter Room!

In the Splatter Room, they’ll hook you up with goggles, shower caps, booties, and robes or coveralls.

Although the paint is washable, you’ll probably want to wear older clothing you don’t care about, just in case.

You can book the splatter room as a couple for an unforgettable date, or bring an entire party to get in on the fun.

Make it a glow splatter party at Pinspiration Kalamazoo

How to Book a Splatter Party

1 – Choose your Splatter Experience: Select Splatter Experience, Splatter Date, or Splatter Party.

2 – Make a Reservation: Call or email Pinspiration with your request.

3 – Have Fun: No hassle, no mess, no excuses! Go splatter crazy and even enjoy some wine or a snack while you do.

4 – Take Your Splatter Project Home: Enjoy your 100% unique splatter art in your own home. Your masterpiece takes about 24 hours to dry, so be prepared to carry home a wet canvas.

Meet the Owner

Pinspiration is locally owned by Michelle Taylor, a Kalamazoo area native who grew up about an hour north of the city.

While she built a career in Accounting, this skilled number cruncher also cultivated a love for creative crafting.

As a mom, her obsession for Pinterest grew with over the top birthday parties including handcrafted signs, cake decorating, and homemade games.

Michelle and her husband Scotty share a love of drag racing and live locally with their three kids and two dogs.

Michelle takes pride in being SWMI business owner and regularly partners with other local businesses including Pizza Katerina, who now supplies pizza for VIP parties.

Pinspiration Kalamazoo
Local business owners Mel (left, Pizza Katerina) and Michelle (right)

Learn More about Pinspiration

Want to learn more about how their craft studio works? Watch this video from Pinspiration:

Pinspiration Kalamazoo

5880 S Westnedge Ave
Portage, MI 49002
(269) 216-3214

Pinspiration Kalamazoo

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