KZOOKIDS Schools Guide: Private, Public, Charter, and Religious Schools in Southwest Michigan 2020-2021

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Sizing up School Options for Your Children

Start Here to Determine What School is Right for Your Family

No question about it, as parents we want to provide our children with the academic foundation for success in life.

Luckily, greater Kalamazoo offers a thriving network of educational options to best serve your family and your family lifestyle.

Find your child’s learning home with the comprehensive Kalamazoo, Portage, and Surrounding Area Schools Guide.

Get started with a full list of Southwest Michigan school options for every family – private, secular, religious, public, charter, online, experience-based and more.

Find Private, Charter, Religious, Language Immersion and Other School Options

Southwest Michigan parents, you have options. A schooling experience for your child that is designed for your family’s needs.  You can find all of the pertinent information in one easy place: the KZOOKids Schools Guide.

Today, Southwest Michigan parents have a vast number of options when it comes to making important choices about your child’s education. Whether you are looking for Kalamazoo, Portage, or outlying communities, we have them listed for you.

Want a language immersion school, a charter school, or a school to help a child with learning differences? There are tons of choices. Each public and private school across Southwest Michigan has something different to offer.

Start with this guide as you research your options and find your child’s learning home.

What’s Covered in this Schools Guide:

School Open Houses
Charter Schools
Bilingual Education Schools
Experience-Based Schools
Private Religious Schools
Private Secular Schools
Public Schools
Online Schools
Tutoring and Enrichment Programs
School Support
Balanced Calendar Schools
Home School

Charter Schools

Charter schools are publicly funded schools, which are held to the same standards as other public schools, but are usually allowed flexibility in regards to some rules and regulations. You do not pay tuition at a charter school.

Charter schools in Michigan operate independently and often have curriculum and educational philosophies which may differ from other public schools. A high level of parent involvement is required at many charter schools, and some charter schools are theme-focused.

Paramount Charter Academy

Paramount Charter Academy

Growing minds. Inspiring hearts.

At Paramount Charter Academy, we never set limits on how much your child can achieve. We shape instruction to build on the strengths and abilities of each child and make Moral Focus lessons part of every school day. As a result, our students thrive. Our school was founded in 1998 by members of the Kalamazoo community, and we work tirelessly to give parents a better choice for their kids’ education.

We are a tuition-free, public charter school open to all students in Michigan and are one of 90 National Heritage Academies (NHA) sister schools currently serving more than 59,000 students in nine states.

As a network, all NHA schools share a common vision, while each individual school enjoys the flexibility of tailoring their program to meet the needs of their specific community. Our early childhood, elementary, and middle school programs are designed to put children on a solid path to success in high school, college, and beyond

To us, success means creating endless opportunities for children to become their best. Our goal is to see every child build the knowledge, skills, and character they need to excel in school and in life. Our college-prep program and Moral Focus curriculum help your child reach their full potential, prepared to tackle 21st century problems.

We reach higher. We build character. We expect more. We work together.


3624 S Westnedge | Kalamazoo, MI 49008

“I love the communication and relationship I am able to build with the staff. I feel supported as a parent and trust the staff caring for my children. ”

Paramount Charter Academy Parent

Calhoun County

  • Arbor Academy | 55 Arbor St, Battle Creek | 269-963-5851
  • Battle Creek Academy | 480 Parkway Dr, Battle Creek | 269-965-1278
  • Battle Creek Montessori Academy | 399 20th St N, Springfield | 269-339-3308
  • Calhoun Community High School | 765 Upton Ave, Springfield | 269-565-2460
  • Endeavor Charter Academy | 380 Helmer Rd N, Battle Creek | 269-962-9300

Kalamazoo County

  • Augusta Academy | 600 W Michigan Ave, Augusta | 269-731-5454
  • Evergreen Academy | 2121 Hudson Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-488-6324
  • Forest Academy | 5196 Comstock Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-488-2315
  • Kalamazoo Covenant Academy | 400 W Crosstown Pkwy, Kalamazoo | 269-888-2700
  • Lakeside Charter School | 3921 Oakland Dr, Kalamazoo | 269-381-4760
  • Oakland Academy | 6325 Oakland Dr, Portage | 269-324-8951
  • Paramount Charter Academy | 3624 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-552-6400

Bilingual Education Schools

A few schools around Kalamazoo provide opportunities to learn a second language in the classroom. Chinese and Spanish are introduced to students through differing techniques: language immersion, bilingualism or preschool instruction are all options locally.

Language immersion programs foster learning through teaching the majority of classwork in a second language. Bilingualism encourages learning by splitting teaching equally between the two languages. For younger students, our area also includes teaching Chinese or Spanish to preschoolers.

Admission to these programs may require residency in public school districts. Check with the schools you’re interested in for more details.

Kalamazoo Chinese Academy

Kalamazoo Chinese Academy

Kalamazoo Chinese Academy (KCA) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing Chinese language and cultural experiences to youth from all cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds in the greater Kalamazoo area.


Western Michigan University, 4th Floor Sangren Hall, 1903 W Michigan Ave | Kalamazoo, MI 49008
269-598-2068 | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK

Calhoun County


  • Battle Creek Public Schools – Fremont International Academy | 115 E Emmett St, Battle Creek | 269-965-9715

Kalamazoo County


  • Adventures Learning Center (Preschool) | 4295 Bishop Ave, Portage | 269-323-3600
  • Kalamazoo Christian Schools | 2121 Stadium Dr, Kalamazoo | 269-381-2044
  • Kalamazoo Public Schools – El Sol Elementary School | 604 W Vine St, Kalamazoo | 269-337-0230
  • The Montessori School (Preschool/Kindergarten) | 710 Howard St, Kalamazoo | 269-349-3248


  • Comstock Early Learning Academy (Preschool) | 6171 East MN Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-250-8960
  • Kalamazoo Chinese Academy | Western Michigan University, 4th Floor Sangren Hall, 1903 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-598-2068

Private Religious Schools

Private schools are established, maintained, and supported by private individuals or a corporation. This structure allows these schools to operate independently, choose their own curriculum, and offer specialized programs or those geared toward particular religious beliefs if they desire. Because they are independently run, private schools are not required to accept all applicants and may be selective in their acceptance procedures.

St. Michael Lutheran School

Welcome to St. Michael Lutheran School! As the only Christian school in Portage, our award-winning academic program has been exceeding academic standards for nearly 20 years! We build compassionate relationships in the classroom and the greater community, where all are welcome, regardless of faith affiliation. With Christ as the center of our education, we are committed to providing private, quality education at an affordable price.

Our reputation for high academic standards promises individualized attention from our outstanding and qualified teachers. We are proud of our specially formulated curriculum, offering the greatest diversity of programming among area private schools. Our students test in the 90th percentile in reading, mathematics, science and social studies.

Further attributes of our unique excellence include:

  • Computers & Middle School Technology Initiative provides a laptop computer for each middle school student
  • Sports, Music and Visual Arts Programs encourage students to discover their passions
  • Tuition Assistance Programs for qualifying families
  • Year-round Mission Projects further cultivate compassionate leaders of the future
  • Certified Michigan Green School
  • Portage School’s bus pickup and drop-off point for childcare

St. Michael Lutheran School holds to a high standard of education. We are accredited through National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA), the Michigan Non-Public Schools Accrediting Association (MNSAA), and the National Federation of Nonpublic School State Accrediting Associations (NFNSSAA).


7211 Oakland Dr | Portage, MI 49024

“My son has been attending St Michael for 2 years. My wife and I cannot say enough about the high standards this school holds itself to. Both its academic and value system are to be commended. The loving nature of the school and its inclusion of the whole family is special and has been a uniquely wonderful experience. My son has made great progress academically through the individual attention each teacher seems to have given him. There is gentleness about this school that permeates throughout the student body. I would whole heartedly endorse this school to anyone looking for a balanced approach to both academic and individual development. ”

John Rosair

Catholic Schools of Greater Kalamazoo

Catholic Schools of Greater Kalamazoo

The Catholic Schools of Greater Kalamazoo is an unparalleled school system formed to develop hearts as well as minds through Gospel values, character formation, and Catholic faith experiences in an environment that nurtures life-long learning, commitment, and service to our church and civic community.

Our three schools service students from preschool through grade 12. St. Augustine Cathedral School and St. Monica Catholic School offer preschool- grade 8. Hackett Catholic Prep is a coeducational high school for grades 9-12.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule a tour today!


1000 W Kilgore Rd | Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Allegan County

  • St. Margaret School | 736 S Farmer St, Otsego | 269-694-2951

Calhoun County

  • Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools- St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School | 47 N 23rd St, Battle Creek | 269-965-7749
  • Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools- St. Joseph Catholic Middle School | 44 N 25th St, Battle Creek | 269-963-4935
  • Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools- St. Phillip Catholic Central HS | 20 Cherry St, Battle Creek | 269-963-4503
  • Battle Creek Christian School | 1035 Wagner Dr, Battle Creek | 269-963-1404
  • Calhoun Christian School | 20 Woodrow Ave S, Battle Creek | 269-965-5560

Kalamazoo County

St. Joseph County

  • Immaculate Conception School | 601 S Douglas Ave, Three Rivers | 269-273-2085

Van Buren County

  • Gobles Junior Academy | 32110 6th Ave, Gobles | 269-628-2704
  • St. Mary’s Catholic School | 500 E Paw Paw St, Paw Paw | 269-657-3750
  • Trinity Lutheran School | 725 Pine St, Paw Paw | 269-657-5921

Secular Private Schools

Secular Private Schools are established, maintained, and supported by private individuals or a corporation, but do not have a regligious affiliation. Families pay tuition, but schools may offer scholarships and/or other financial assistance.

Kalamazoo Country Day School

Who We Are
Kalamazoo Country Day School is the only private, independent, non-profit school in Southwestern Michigan. We provide student-centered, personalized education for all students. We target individual needs and gifts, developing creative problem-solvers, communicators, and high-level thinkers. By supporting Kalamazoo Country Day School, you help us develop students who are ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

Investing In A 21st Century Education

  • 33% of American fourth-graders read below the basic level.
  • 1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning to read.
  • Public school districts in the area considered excellent still have more than 30% of their students reading below grade level by the end of third grade.
  • Structure in schools has not fundamentally changed in more than 100 years.

At Kalamazoo Country Day School, our overarching goal is to create a learning environment that meets individual needs. We help students find their unique gifts and callings by teaching them to be creative problem solvers, competent communicators, deep thinkers, and champions of their own education.

~Dr. Scott Kemple, Head of School, Kalamazoo Country Day School


4221 E Milham Ave | Portage, MI 49002
269-329-0116 | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK

Kalamazoo County

  • Gagie School | 615 Fairview Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-342-8008
  • Kalamazoo Country Day School | 4221 E Milham Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-329-0116
  • Kazoo School | 1401 Cherry St, Kalamazoo | 269-345-3239
  • The Montessori School | 710 Howard St, Kalamazoo | 269-349-3248

Public Schools

Southwest Michigan is fortunate to have exceptional public schools. Public schools are often close to home and have the advantage of being tuition-free. Graduates of the Kalamazoo Public School (KPS) district are eligible to receive scholarships for post-secondary education through The Kalamazoo Promise, a program launched in 2005 and funded by anonymous donors.

Allegan County Schools

  • Allegan Public Schools | 550 5th St, Allegan | 269-673-5463
  • Otsego Public Schools | 400 Sherwood St, Otsego | 269-694-7900
  • Plainwell Community Schools | 600 School Dr, Plainwell | 269-685-5823

Calhoun County Schools

  • Battle Creek Public Schools | 3 Van Buren West, Battle Creek | 269-965-9500
  • Harper Creek Community Schools | 7454 B Dr North, Battle Creek | 269-441-6550

Kalamazoo County Public Schools

  • Climax- Scotts Community Schools | 372 S Main St, Climax | 269-746-2400
  • Comstock Public Schools | 3010 Gull Rd, Kalamazoo | 269-250-8911
  • Galesburg- Augusta Community Schools | 1076 N 37th St, Galesburg | 269-484-2000
  • Gull Lake Community Schools | 10100 E D Ave, Richland | 269-548-3400
  • Kalamazoo Public Schools | 1220 Howard St, Kalamazoo | 269-337-0100
  • Parchment School District | 520 N Orient St, Parchment | 269-488-1050
  • Portage Public Schools | 8107 Mustang Dr, Portage | 269-323-5000
  • Schoolcraft Community Schools | 551 E Lyon St, Schoolcraft | 269-488-7350
  • Vicksburg Community Schools | 301 S Kalamazoo St, Vicksburg | 269-321-1000

St. Joseph County Schools

  • Three Rivers Community Schools | 851 Sixth Ave, Three Rivers | 269-279-1100

Van Buren County Schools

  • Gobles Public Schools | 409 N State St, Gobles | 269-628-9390
  • Mattawan Consolidated Schools | 56720 Murray St, Mattawan | 269-668-3361
  • Paw Paw Public Schools | 119 Johnson Rd, Paw Paw | 269-415-5200

Virtual Online Schools

Virtual schools offer education and instruction primarily through online methods. They can be publicly or privately funded and therefore, depending on the school, can be categorized as public, private, or charter schools. This means that some virtual schools are free and others require tuition.

  • Michigan Virtual Charter Academy | Grades: K-12 | 855-399-3113 | Website
  • Virtual Learning Academy Consortium | Grades: K-12 | 888-638-8949 | Website


Homeschool is a growing community in Kalamazoo and surrounding areas. With the resources available to families today, parents are choosing to educate their kids at home and enjoy a strong community atmosphere with other homeschool families. An extensive list of resources is available in the Kalamazoo Homeschool Resource Guide.

Tutoring and Enrichment Programs

All of our kids have different strengths and different challenges. Academic support programs and tutoring options can give a child extra tools to master their skills.

Whether your kid may need some extra math guidance or reading support, these greater Kalamazoo academic enrichment programs can help.

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

Engage your brain with art!  Studying works of art has been shown to develop critical thinking and visual literacy skills.

The KIA values its partnership with educators: all tours are in alignment with Michigan’s curriculum standards. Schedule a tour and art activity at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts for your students today!


314 S Park Street | Kalamazoo, MI 49007
269-349-7775 ext. 3161 | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK

Calhoun County

  • Harvey’s Nest Learning Center | 131 Columbia Ave E Suite 103, Battle Creek | 269-969-7772
  • Kumon Math and Reading Center | 90 S 20th St Unit 91, Battle Creek | 269-963-8088
  • SLD Read  | 50 Jackson St W, Battle Creek | 269-964-3395
  • Sylvan Learning Center | 4625 Beckley Rd, Battle Creek | 269-355-6839

Kalamazoo County

  • Bob’s Math Tutoring |9559 Firefly Ave, Galesburg | 269-665-4929
  • Community Advocates for Parents and Students (CAPS)- Kalamazoo College | 1037 Interfaith Blvd, Kalamazoo
  • Kalamazoo Area Tutoring Association- Centerpoint Church | 2345 N 10th St, Kalamazoo
  • Kalamazoo Institute of Arts | 314 S Park Street, Kalamazoo | 269-349-7775 ext. 3161
  • Kumon Math and Reading Center | 295 W Center Ave, Portage | 269-327-3757
  • Math from the Mitten | 269-345-2416
  • Nazareth Reading Center – Portage | 126 E Kilgore Rd, Portage | 269-349-1525
  • Nazareth Reading Center – Richland | 8653 N 32nd, Richland | 269-629-8049
  • SLD Read | 5250 Lovers Ln Suite LL100, Kalamazoo | 269-345-2661
  • Soul Sparklettes Art | Portage Public Schools Community Enrichment | 269-323-6700
  • Sylvan Learning Center | 1350 W Centre Ave, Portage | 269-512-6245
  • Thompson Tutoring | 251 N Rose St Suite 200, Kalamazoo | 269-329-0730

School Support

If your child needs a little extra support to succed in school, Kalamazoo has several options. From ADHD screenings to autism support, there are services available to supplement instruction and learn in a positive environment.

Allegan County

  • Allegan Area Educational Service Agency (AAESA) |  310 Thomas St, Allegan | 269-512-7700

Calhoun County

  • Calhoun County ISD | 17111 G-Dr N, Marshall | 269-781-5141

Kalamazoo County

  • Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment & Research | 9616 Portage Rd, Portage | 269-250-8200
  • Kalamazoo Autism Center | 4200 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-459-7821
  • Kalamazoo Regional Education Service Agency (KRESA) | 1819 East Milham Ave, Portage | 269-250-9200
  • Lawrence Autism Center | 1800 S 35th St, Galesburg | 269-250-8200
  • Lighthouse Autism Center | 2314 Helen Ave Suite 200, Portage | 269-248-5239

St. Joseph County

  • St. Joseph County ISD | 62445 Shimmel Rd, Centreville | 269-467-5400

Van Buren County

  • Van Buren ISD | 490 South Paw Paw St, Lawrence | 269-674-8091

Balanced Calendar Schools

These schools, also known as year round schools, offer an alternative way of constructing a school calendar. They typically offer shorter summer breaks in exchange for longer breaks in the fall, winter and spring. Many families prefer this schedule as it lessens the chance for “summer learning loss” and keeps kids academically engaged year-round. With mini breaks spread throughout the year, families can also plan vacations that wouldn’t cause a child to miss school.

Kalamazoo County

  • Kalamazoo Public Schools- Washington Writers’ Academy | 3333 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-337-0770
  • Kalamazoo Public Schools- Woodward School for Technology & Research | 606 Stuart Ave, Kalamazoo | 269-337-0810

Are there other schools not already on the list? Please share the names of any that may be been omitted.

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