The Search is on for the Best Docs, Dentists & Care Providers in SW Michigan

Help Us Find the Top Doctors

We’re looking for the best of the best in care: Pediatricians, Midwives, ENTs, Dermatologists and more in Southwest Michigan

Finding the right health care provider for your family needs is often a #1 priority – whether it’s for routine, preventative care, or dealing with a medical condition.

And while location and insurance play a factor, parents, and caregivers seek recommendations for the highest quality, comprehensive, and compassionate medical care.

New in 2020:

we have expanded our list to 15 categories of providers adding Mental Health Providers, Midwives, Speech Pathologists, ENTs and more.

And now, we need your very important input: PLEASE VOTE BELOW

Kalamazoo Pediatrician

Who do you Trust with the Care of Your Family’s Health?

Finding trusted, reputable family care providers is something we take seriously.

That’s why we are updating our reader-voted Family Care Provider Guide for 2020.

Please Vote and share who you think are the best health care providers in the categories below.

There are 15 categories to vote on – but we only ask that you vote in the categories you have first-hand experience with here in SW Michigan.

  1. Pediatricians
  2. Dentists for kids
  3. OBGYN
  4. Allergists
  5. Eye Doctors
  6. Orthodontists
  7. Primary Care Physicians
  8. Dermatologists
  9. ENTs
  10. Speech Pathologists
  11. Mental Health Providers
  12. Occupational Therapists
  13. Chiropractors
  14. Midwives
  15. Doulas

Important Voting Details:

Voting will be open from August 6, 2020 to September 12, 2020. We ask that you only vote based on FIRST-HAND experiences only.

Please only ONE vote per person– multiple entries from the same person using a different email address will be deleted.

We ask that you fill out every category you have experience with. Entries with only one vote will not be accepted.

Write-in candidates require both the name of the provider AND the provider’s website URL.

Results will be released in December 2020.

Thanks for your help!



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