A Virtual Rotating Door of Exhibits and Entertainment

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum is a family favorite in Kalamazoo. With interactive and immersive exhibits covering 60,000 square feet of innovative, learning space what better opportunity to provide the perfect environment to play, explore, and grow.

The KVM provides special exhibitions, planetarium and educational programs, not to mention FUN weekend family events that will have the kids begging to return.

Oh, and did we mention FREE admission?

While we always love to explore their long-term exhibits (Kalamazoo Direct to You, Mystery of the Mummy, Children’s Landscape), we are excited to share what the Kalamazoo Valley Museum has in store and why you’ll want to add a visit to your ‘to do‘ list pronto!

Kalamazoo Valley Museum


Other Exciting Exhibits You’ll Want to Discover

Have a child interested in all things transportation?  Or, do dinosaurs rule in your household? All the more reason to visit the museum and let the kids explore to their heart’s content. 

Kalamazoo Valley Museum offers an infinite amount of programs for families, providing new places to explore and learn. Here are a few designed for the young and old alike. 



  • Frank Lloyd Wright (First Floor): Explore 28 drawings and photographs from one of America’s most famous architects. September 8, 2018 – December 9, 2018
  • Bikes, Science on Two Wheels (Third Floor): Learn the history and evolution of the bicycle, including interactive exhibits with over 40 bikes on display. September 22, 2018 – January 26, 2019


    • U2 (Music Light Show): Enjoy classic U2 songs set to imagery. September 15, 2018 – November 17, 2018
    • Mysteries of the Great Lakes (Feature Show): Explore the history and wildlife of our Great Lakes. September 15 – November 21
    • Let it Snow (Music Light Show): Watch fun animations accompanied by holiday music. November 24, 2018 – December 29, 2018

Children’s Landscape

  • Transportation: Discover cars, trucks, boats, planes, trains, and bikes through games, puzzles, and toys. September – October 2018 
  • Dinosaurs: Sort and identify dinosaurs in a fun, playful environment. November – December 2018

For a complete list of events and descriptions, check out the museum magazine (museON) or the event calendar.

230 N Rose St, Kalamazoo, MI 49007


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