We Found a Kalamazoo Pediatrician Who Makes House Calls- Even on Nights & Weekends

Doctor Kelli Collins offers an Urgent Care Alternative for Your Sick Kid

Kids never get sick on a convenient schedule.

We can’t predict when the next “bug” will hit our household, but it’s usually when the pediatrician’s office is closed. Finishing dinner and starting baths? Your oldest has a stomach ache and chills. Just put the infant down for a nap on Saturday afternoon? The first-grader is now running a fever and says her ear hurts.

We’ve all run into sick kid scenarios where the pediatrician isn’t available, leaving us with two options: wait it out until the office reopens, or head to urgent care. And while urgent care is open for longer hours, it also includes a lot of waiting. Waiting with a sick kid who just wants to be home (and maybe multiple siblings who had to come along).

But what if you didn’t have to wait for the pediatrician’s office to reopen, or for urgent care to finally call your name? What if a pediatrician could come to you?

Who Makes House Calls in 2020?

Physicians making house calls used to be a common practice. In the 1930s, house calls made up 40% of doctor-patient appointments; by 1980, it was less than 1%.

Kalamazoo Pediatrician Dr. Kelli Collins is looking to take us back in time (with modern medicine) with Calling Dr. Collins Pediatric Housecalls. And because she understands that families need flexible schedules, her availability includes evenings and weekends.

Pediatric Housecalls

Meet the Doctor

Board Certified in Pediatrics since 2014, Dr. Kelli Collins received her Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) from Michigan State University. She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at WMed and serves as a board member for Family and Children Services. 

In addition to being a pediatrician for over six years, Dr. Collins is also a mother to three children and a bernadoodle named Tootsie. A busy mom herself, she knows how difficult it can be to pack up a sick child and head to the doctor.

What to Expect During a House Call

Dr. Collins makes the process easy, from start to finish:

(1) Schedule: Call or text 269-431-0880 to schedule a convenient time while your child relaxes at home.  Appointments are available for weekdays, evenings and weekends.

(2) Exam: Dr. Collins will arrive in full PPE and tailor her visit to your comfort level. She can even perform exams outside (front porches, backyards) if families prefer.

Dr. Collins has multiple rapid tests available at her disposal, including flu, strep, urine and glucose. She can also administer Albuterol nebulizer treatments and oral medication at your home.

If COVID-19 tests are warranted, she can coordinate testing with Bronson labs.

(3) Payment: Payment is due at the time of service. You can request a bill to submit to your insurance.

Three simple steps to a healthier kiddo and you never had to leave the house. Win-win.

Dr Collins Pediatrician

Who Can Use “Calling Dr. Collins Pediatric Housecalls?”

You might be wondering if you can call Dr. Collins if your child needs to be seen.

Do I need to register somewhere or pay a fee to join her house call practice? No. You can schedule your appointment (call or book online) whenever your child is sick, but there is no fee to join her list. Pay for the services at the time of your child’s exam (see pricing below).

Will she come to me if I live in Texas Township? Where does she travel? She covers all of Kalamazoo County. If you live outside of the county, she may also be able to treat your kids- just call her to discuss your location.

Can I schedule wellness visits too or vaccines? No. Dr. Collins is an alternative to urgent care when your child is ill. She encourages wellness visits and vaccinations with your family’s physician.


“It was invaluable to me to be able to have Dr. Collins come to our home for the visit. Especially during Coronavirus, I didn’t have to travel anywhere or worry about exposure to multiple people. Dr. Collins came with full protective gear on and brought everything she needed to provide a thorough exam in the open-air environment of our backyard.

From the easy online scheduling to the exceptional care we received during the house call, I cannot recommend Dr. Collins highly enough.”

– Elizabeth W

“When Dr. Collins told us that she would be starting Calling Dr. Collins, I was incredibly excited for myself and our community.  I have four kids and there is certainly a convenience to having a doctor who is willing to come to our home rather than have to take all four children to the doctor’s office if one of them is sick. I have, in fact, had to call on her when we needed to get the kids tested for strep and it was such a time saver and so appreciated! 

We are very grateful to have an option like this in Kalamazoo and even more thrilled knowing such an amazing doctor is the one showing up at our home.”

-Kara M

Housecall FAQs

Dr. Collins believes in full transparency on both her pricing and range of services offered. Please call her office with any specific questions.

Services Offered

Service Area: Kalamazoo County. Families outside of Kalamazoo County can schedule with Dr. Collins but must call to confirm.

Rapids Tests Available: flu, strep, glucose, urine

Treatments Available: oral medicine & Albuterol nebulizer

COVID-19 Testing: Dr. Collins can coordinate with Bronson labs

Vaccines & Wellness Checks: Not offered. Dr. Collins serves solely as an urgent care alternative and encourages families to continue vaccines and well checks with their family physicians.

Pricing & Payments

Weekdays (8:00 AM – 7:00 PM): $125

After Hours (Weekdays after 7:00 PM & Weekends): $175 

Payments: Payment is due at the time of service. Cash, checks, credit cards or HSA debit cards are all accepted. Dr. Collins can provide a superbill to submit to insurance, but reimbursement is not guaranteed.

Partner Info

Dr Collins Pediatrician

Kalamazoo, MI 49008

FACEBOOK | (269) 431-0880