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Introducing the KZOOKIDS Nighttime News Newsletter.

We take our smartest news and sending it to you, our loyal readers.

It short and sweet and it comes 2 nights a week (Sun & Wed.)

It’s easy to miss things on Facebook, or even on the KZOOKIDS website. There is just SO MUCH going on. (I own the website and work on it fulltime, and I still don’t know EVERYTHING that’s on here.)

That’s why we want to bring you the best news, directly.

Plus, we’ll have EXCLUSIVE giveaways and perks for our Nightly News readers.

Here’s What Parents are Saying

Just signed up for this today. First email is perfect!  Love the weather tidbit and small highlights of the shindigs going on this weekend!

As a busy Mom it’s nice to have a quick email instead of trying to navigate through a website. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you every night!

Your Move, Mom & Dad

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