Ear Piercing Places For Kids In Kalamazoo

Ear Piercing for your Child + Options and Where to Go

Most parents agree that when (or even IF) to pierce your child’s ear is an important and thoughtful decision – and it’s definitely not for everyone!

If you have decided to get your child’s ears pierced, the next major decision is where to get ears pierced.

When I first started thinking about places, mall jewelry stores came to mind but I wasn’t sure about other options. Fortunately, there are several options in the Kalamazoo area to consider, such as retail stores and piercing parlors.

As with any significant decision, it’s a good idea to ask friends and family about their experience and results. Call or even visit the location prior to in order to have all of your questions answered and make sure your child is comfortable with the process.

It’s worth asking your pediatrician or dermatologist to see if they pierce ears, or ask for recommendations.

We’ve rounded up a hanful of places that will pierce kids’ ears around Kalamazoo.

Ear Piercing Kids Kalamazoo

Classic Retail Locations for Ear Piercing

Claire’s | Crossroads Mall

Claire’s pierces all ages (note: infants must have DPT immunization). Minors need a parent or legal guardian present. Drop-ins are welcome. The store may be able to pierce both ears at the same time, but call ahead to confirm associate availability.
Good to know: They offer a FREE ear piercing, with the purchase of a starter kit.

Walmart | Various Locations

Visit your local Walmart at the jewelry counter for ear piercing. They use the Inverness system and will pierce all ages, including infants. The piercing is free with the purchase of an ear-piercing kit.
Good to know: Call ahead to confirm a trained staff member is available.

Piercing and Tattoo Parlors Around Kalamazoo

 Kitten Flower Boutique | Kalamazoo Mall

Kitten Flower Boutique will pierce a child’s ear, at around ages four and up. Children under eight years old do require an appointment. this will allow two piercers to be present to do the ears simultaneously. Appointments are on a Sunday and can be made by calling the store. Ages eight and up are available on a walk-in basis during regular hours.
Good to know: Parental I.D. is required, along with a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Art and Soul Tattoo and Body Piercing, Inc. | Portage

Art & Soul pierces ears, generally ages 3 and up, and are done on a walk-in basis during regular business hours. They prefer to do both ears in one session, but can complete the job in two separate sessions if needed.
Good to know: Parental state-issued I.D. and a copy of the child’s birth certificate are required.

Cereal City Tattoo & Piercing LLC | Battle Creek

Cereal City Tattoo & Piercing is a favorite of many locals. Generally, they will pierce a child’s ears around age four and up.
Good to know: Parental ID and a form of I.D. for the child (such as passport, birth certificate, etc.).

Tips to Make the Piercing Process a Success

Many pros suggest not warning your child too much about the pain. Some suggest that talking too much about pain can cause anxiety for the child. Experts suggest to prepare them in a similar way to how you would for a vaccine. 

After your child gets their sparkly new bling, making them wait six to eight weeks to change their earrings can be more painful to a child than the piercings themselves! As soon as you get home, have your child make something to mark off the days — a paper chain works great, as does a calendar where they can cross off the days, one by one.

Tell us about your child’s ear piercing experience by leaving a comment below.

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