Kids Have a Blast at Camp Tavor While Developing Social Responsibility, Leadership Skills + Positive, Personal Jewish Identity

Habonim Dror Camp Tavor

Spend An Amazing Summer with Camp Tavor

Situated on 68 acres of pristine Michigan woodlands in Three Rivers, Camp Tavor invites campers entering second through twelfth grade to spend their summer building friendships and going on creative adventures at this one-of-a-kind Jewish camp.

Camp Tavor provides an inclusive community where kids have fun being themselves while developing a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility and a caring connection with Israel.

Compassion, creativity and confidence are supported and encouraged in all campers. Campers will strengthen critical thinking skills and develop their Jewish identity through games, fun activities, storytelling, and lively conversation.

The outdoor amphitheater is the perfect spot for talent shows and group activities

Why Parents Choose Camp Tavor

Parents love that Camp Tavor exercises both minds and bodies. Focusing on social justice, environmental stewardship, community and Jewish culture, campers work and play together.

Through fun activities, role play and Avodah (collaborative projects and taking care of camp), children build skills that can last a lifetime.

Developing Future Leaders

The value of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, is at the core of Camp Tavor. Tavor campers learn about personal responsibility and how their actions, no matter how small, can have an impact.

Previous campers have already put these skills into action through volunteering during the 2020 election as poll workers and watchers and speakers at rallies for climate action.

Habonim Dror Camp Tavor

Summer Camp Activities

Explore the Grounds

With 68 acres and a no-wake lake to explore, Camp Tavor keeps kids engaged all summer long with a variety of fun activities.

The grounds include a working farm, swimming pool, basketball court, soccer fields, and an outdoor amphitheater- perfect for campfires and talent shows.

Camp Tavor’s grounds span 68 acres

Daily Activities

So what do Tavor campers DO all day? The answer is PLENTY. This camp ensures that kids spend their time experiencing immersive, fun activities.

Camp Tavor also empowers kids to set a portion of their schedules: work electives (Avodah) and new activity time (Zman Chadash) are self selected.

Kids also have a rest time period (Menucha) where naps, reading, or spending quiet time with friends are all options.

Typical Day at Camp Tavor (more info)
Wake Up (Kima): Counselors play music over the loudspeaker to wake up and get everyone ready for the day. 
Morning Flag-Raising (Hitkansut Boker)
Breakfast (Aruchat Boker)
Work (Avodah): Kids choose their work elective, with options including painting and building projects, working in the garden, animal caretaking or clearing hiking trails.
Age Group Activity (Peulat Shichva/PISH)
New Activity Time (Zman Chadash): Campers choose a new activity to partake in every day.
Lunch (Aruchat Tzohorayim)
Rest Time (Menucha)
Swimming Time (Schiya): Campers alternative between lake and pool swimming.
Snack (Kibud)
Elective Activities (Chugim)
Sports (Zman Sport): Choices include kayaking, soccer, ultimate frisbee, basketball, swimming, volleyball, yoga, and gaga.
Singing (Shira): Campers learn camp songs in both Hebrew and English.
Evening Flag Lowering (Hitkansut Erev)
Dinner (Aruchat Erev)
Evening Activity (Tochnit Erev)

Camp Tavor Safety & COVID-19 Policies

Camp Tavor knows this summer will be unique with new challenges to face and overcome.

In addition to implementing safety procedures due to COVID-19, Camp Tavor hired a full-time social worker to work alongside our youth leaders to provide the best possible emotional support to campers and families.

This video highlights Camp Tavor’s changes for 2021 summer camp:

Financial Aid is Available

Camp Tavor will not turn away any family due to lack of funds and offers multiple options to help families reduce camp expenses (see full list here):

  • Refer-A-Friend: If you recruit a new camper, both you AND the friend receive a $180 credit toward tuition. Refer six people and your family receives a credit for a free session of camp!
  • Local Congregations & Jewish Federations: Local organizations may provide camp tuition support.
  • One Happy Camper Grant: First-time campers may be eligible for up to $1000 off of camp tuition.

NEW $1500 Grant for 2021 and 2022

Camp Tavor is excited to offer a grant for campers, offering discounted tuition for both 2021 and 2022, courtesy of the Small Communities Incentive Program.

When you register a new camper for a 3-week program or longer, you can receive $1500 for tuition this summer and a guaranteed $1500 for tuition for summer 2022.

This can be combined with the One Happy Camper $1000 Grant, providing a $2500 discount this year.

Registration FAQs

Ages: Campers must be entering second through twelfth grade.

Stay: Camp stays range from 1 to 5 weeks. 1 to 2-week camps are offered to first-time campers only, as a way to build their comfort and confidence with overnight camping.

Health and Safety: Camp Tavor has implemented new protocols in response to COVID-19. See their plan here.

Registration for 2021 Summer Camp is now open.

Enroll your child at Camp Tavor for a summer full of memories, personal growth and a stronger, personal connection to Israel.

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