Don’t Let a Little Drizzle Keep You Inside

Spring showers may bring flowers, but they can also bring mud and mess. Don’t let that ruin your fun! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite mess-free playgrounds in the Kalamazoo area the whole family can enjoy.

Although we don’t have year-round sunshine, many of these parks have rubber turf or wood chips to help you stay clean and dry – making just about any park playdate a perfect outing.

Make sure to also check out our GUIDE for all of the Best Parks and Playgrounds, listing park amenities.

7 Mess-Free Parks Around Kalamazoo

1 – Frays Park | Piccadilly Road and Stafford Road, Kalamazoo

A neighborhood park that features rubber turf surface underneath the main play structure. The play structure is a great fit for older kids offering plenty of room to climb. Frays Park has swings  with wood chip surface underneath.

NOTE: To access the park you will want to park on a road adjacent to the play space and then walk a short paved path to the play area.


2 – Upjohn Park | Lake Street and Walter Street, Kalamazoo

Upjohn Park features rubber turf surface. This is a large playground with playground options for children of all ages. The park also features a small skate park.


3 – Flesher Field | 3664 South Ninth Street, Kalamazoo

The playground at Flesher Field features a mix of rubber turf play spaces and wood chip areas. The tot area is geared towards small children and is completely rubber turf. The big kid areas of the playground are wood chip covered as well as the swing set area.

Bring your scooter or bike as they have paved paths circling the entire park. Covered pavilions at the playground offer a respite from a brief rain shower or a chance to take a snack break.

flesher field

4 – Ramona Park | 8600 South Sprinkle Road, Portage

Ideally situated off of Long Lake, you’ll find Ramona Park – a beautiful rubber turfed play space. This is a spacious playground with activities for all ages.

NOTE: Admission fee applies for non-Portage residents during summer/beach months.


5 – Texas Corners Farmers Market Playspace | 7110 West Q Avenue, Kalamazoo

A gem of a park that is bustling with activity on days when the Farmers Market is open. The play space is open to the public anytime and features wood chips base directly next to the parking lot for easy access.


6 – Westfield Park | 4500 West Milham Avenue, Portage

Featuring a rubber turf play area, the playground equipment is great for efficient climbers.


7 – Arcadia Creek Festival Place | Water Street and Edwards Street, Kalamazoo

A scenic spot located downtown Kalamazoo is Arcadia Creek Festival Place.  The play surface is entirely rubber turf. This playground space is especially great for older kids. Bring a bike or scooter to make use of the paved areas in the festival place.

arcadia creek

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