Have Furniture to Donate? Here’s Why Sparrow & Nest Should Be the First Charity You Call

Sparrow & Nest Charity

Sparrow & Nest Helps SWMI Families Transition out of Homelessness

Sparrow & Nest Designs

PO Box 11, Kalamazoo, MI 49077

Our home is seemingly always in need of a “purge.”

Whether it’s a growth spurt transforming all of my kids’ full-length pants into capris or sets of toys that are no longer loved, I am frequently on the hunt for somewhere to donate our items where I know they will be used.

But what about donating furniture?

Furniture is big, heavy and harder to hand over. And how do you know where it goes, once you drop it off?

Will another family sit around that kitchen table for dinner together? Will your rocker now help another baby fall asleep in his mother’s arms?

With local charity Sparrow & Nest Designs, the answer is yes. Your donated furniture will stay in Southwest Michigan.

Your items will help Kalamazoo area families transition out of homelessness, transforming an empty apartment or house into a furnished home and a fresh start.

The majority of furniture used by this nonprofit is donated

How Sparrow & Nest Designs Began

It all started with a segment of the Today Show.

After seeing a Today Show clip about an organization in Detroit that furnished homes for families coming out of homelessness, founder Katie Sytsma felt called to provide the same caring service in Kalamazoo.

Along with a close friend Katie VanderLaan, the duo reached out to the YWCA with their idea, and Sparrow & Nest was born. The pair, in addition to some local volunteers, have been helping families for three years in Southwest Michigan.

How Sparrow & Nest Gets Matched with Families

Sparrow & Nest prepares homes for local families, primarily through YWCA referrals. The majority of their clients are women and children referred through domestic abuse and human trafficking shelters.

The team typically has less than two weeks to stage a home, and they do more than simply place furniture.

In addition to ensuring furniture will fit and is functional, they personalize the space for its new inhabitants: a stuffed triceratops may be waiting for the dinosaur loving toddler, or some new princess books may stock the shelves for an Ariel fan.

When moms and children move into a Sparrow & Nest home, it is clear the space was customized for their family.

This recent move in was tailored for a family of five, including a daughter who loves makeup and three boys that were excited to share a room:

The team added storage for cosmetic brushes on this vanity/desk
Mom’s favorite colors are featured in this corner
Three cozy boys will share this room together

Client Testimonials

“Having Sparrow & Nest set up my home was life changing! My children and myself have never had a real HOME. We’ve lived in houses but Sparrow and Nest turned our 2 bedroom apartment into a HOME.”

“I will NEVER get tired of saying that I could never be more grateful, thankful, or blessed. I have cried in happiness so many times over my home. You guys made me feel at home. I feel safe now. Safe & at home.”

Award Nomination from the YWCA

Sparrow & Nest Designs’ impact has not gone unnoticed- both by their clients and the organizations they support. In 2022, they were nominated for STAR Award by the YWCA:

“Clients are brought to tears of disbelief and joy at each move in. The attention Sparrow & Nest pays to the families’ requests and needs is amazing. There is a lot of time, attention, and LOVE that goes into each home they furnish. Katie will normally follow up via text after the move and ask how the family is doing and if they are settled in yet. I feel honored to be part of this wonderful, life-changing work!”

How You Can Help

As a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization, Sparrow & Nest Designs relies upon donations to help local families.

Here’s how you can contribute:

Donate Furniture

Most furniture placed into homes by Sparrow & Nest is donated. Email them or message them on Facebook to see if your pieces can help.

You can also follow them on Facebook for upcoming drop off dates.

NOTE: Sparrow & Nest provides dignity and hope to local families in their new homes. This means furniture must be in very good shape and be functional.

As a general rule, if you would give your furniture to a friend or family member, then it’s a candidate for donating to this nonprofit.

Sparrow & Nest living room with donated furniture

Shop their Amazon & Target Wishlists

Don’t have furniture but still want to help? You will find items of all price ranges here, from two dollar picture hangers to larger items like baby cribs (they cannot accept used ones for safety reasons).

Shop their wishlists here:
Amazon Wishlist
Target Wishlist

Some items from the Amazon Wishlist

Donate Money

Sparrow & Nest also has a Paypal account to collect monetary donations:
Sparrow & Nest Paypal

Donate Your Time

From time to time, the team at Sparrow & Nest needs help refurbishing or painting furniture, picking up donations, washing bedding, or helping sort and organize items. Send them an email to volunteer.

A volunteer helped give new life to these upholstered chairs

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