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Thank you for using KZOOKIDS. And thank you for turning in your giveaway details!

Please fill out this form after your giveaway has been approved by


Select your type of giveaway (FacebookWebsite or Instagram) from the tabs below. A form will open. Please fill it out as completely as possible.

Once the giveaway has ended, KZOOKIDS will randomly select winners and notify you with names and contact information.

Content needs to be turned in on time (the 1st of the month prior to publication) or we will be unable to produce the giveaway.

Example: If your post is scheduled sometime in February, this form needs to be completed no later than January 1st.

Your website giveaway will be live on our site for 2 weeks. We’ll use the info you provide below to write the giveaway. Photos and details are what we’re after here.

Note: Winners must be able to redeem the prize without any financial obligation.

Click on image above to download a PDF

Photograph Hints

  • Send us clear, bright photos in JPG or PNG format.
  • Facebook does not like to share images with text on them. For best results, submit engaging text/logo-free images (faces of kids work well!)
  • Article header images are 800×500 px, landscape.
  • Within the article, we favor square photos (they display nicely on mobile and laptop). If you don’t have square photos, send us high-resolution files and we will crop them.
  • *PLEASE NOTE: You need photo consent from anyone recognizable in the photos you’re submitting. You must be the owner of the photo you share or have permission from the owner. If children are in your photographs, you need written parental/guardian permission before sharing their photo with us.

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