40+ Years of Branch Gymnastics: Where EVERY Kalamazoo Kid can Flip, Tumble & Dance to New Heights

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo

ALL Kids Shine at Branch Gymnastics

I call my kids flippy kids. They cartwheel to the car, flip to the dinner table and leap into bedtime. Don’t even get me started on the backhand springs.

Sound familiar? Luckily for us, there’s a gym full of amazing coaches and supportive friends for these twisty & leapy kids at Branch Gymnastics.

EVERY child can find a place at Branch Gymnastics–they offer something for everyone. Gymnastics and dance classes are offered for anyone ages 18 months to 18 years: no experience necessary.

Plus, a variety of days and times will fit your busy schedule in both Kalamazoo or Battle Creek.

Let’s get flipping!

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo

Branch Gymnastics & Kids Sports USA (Kalamazoo)

6712 Financial Parkway, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Branch Gymnastics (Battle Creek)
393 Helmer Rd North, Battle Creek, MI 49037

Gymnastics Classes

Everyone is welcome at Branch Gymnastics, no experience necessary!

Classes begin for kids as young as 18 months old and continue to the highest competitive levels at 18 years old.

The length of the classes vary by age but most recreational classes meet once a week. Classes are taught by their trained team of coaches who help the kids grow, build confidence and have fun.

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo

Parent Participation Class

This 30 minute, once a week class, encourages little gymnasts to grow at their own pace. A coach helps in this introductory class. The last few minutes is dedicated free time!

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo
A helping hand from a caregiver helps build confidence

Preschool Classes

For kids ages 3 & 4 who can follow instructions without their parent’s help, Branch Gymnastics has preschool-aged classes.

A little extra time is added into these classes which still run once a week.

You’ll see games and races in the 3s class. The 4s get to try the various Olympic apparatus PLUS the trampoline and foam pit!

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo
The trampoline is introduced in the preschool classes
Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo
Preschool classes are challenging and fun

School Age Developmental Program

Fun and challenging classes will help increase flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination in the developmental program. Class lengths begin at 50 minutes and run once per week.

These groups are divided up by gender so the boys will learn to work with the men’s training events like rings, parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse, vault, and floor.

Girls will start refining and honing gymnastics and fitness skills, including increased use of Olympic apparatus like bars and beam.

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo

Team Program

If gymnasts are wanting to step into the competitive world like their gymnastic role models, Branch Gymnastics offers Team Programs for boys and girls.

Based on an assessment, gymnasts ages six years & up are placed in a level to harness their individual potential and emotional growth.

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo
The Level 2 girls celebrating at State Meet

Why Choose Branch?

Branch Gymnastics was JUST recognized as the 2023 Development Program of the Year!

Proud owner and Executive Operations Director, Cindy Scharns, announced this recognition means “the club exhibits more than just excellence in performance at competitions but whose athletes, coaches and program demonstrates the character traits of discipline, hard work, integrity and perseverance.”

Athletes at Branch Gymnastics work hard to achieve:

“I love Branch Gymnastics because of the great team environment, how well the coaches push you to get better, and how much encouragement you get from EVERYONE in the gym.” Reagan Nowak

“I love Branch Gymnastics because I get to push myself out of my comfort zone, overcome fears, and learn new skills that many cannot do.” Aubree Bentley

Coaches and staff at Branch Gymnastics are top notch:

“The staff at Branch Gymnastics are unique because all staff work in their area of expertise, have a love of children, and strong professional ethics. The staff continually educate themselves by attending workshops to learn the most current techniques and training methods for all recreational and competitive levels.” Nicole Bentley

“Teaching at Branch Gymnastics is unique because we place a heavy focus on strong fundamentals and appropriate progressions. We are committed to teaching kids how to work hard, build self-esteem, and to reach goals. We want to not only build strong gymnasts but happy and confident children.” Elise Smith

Dance Classes

Momentum Dance Studios offers yearlong classes at Branch’s Kalamazoo location.

Beginning at age 3, children can enroll in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern and a fun gymnastics combo class.

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo Momentum Dance

Children’s classes, elementary through advanced levels and competitive dance levels are offered with a year-end dance recital each June.

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo Momentum Dance

A Little Bit of History

Branch Gymnastics is entering it’s 45th year in September — talk about experience!

Opened in Coldwater in 1978, Branch Gymnastics wanted to bring the sport to southwest Michigan. After a few satellite locations, Branch Gymnastics settled into Battle Creek in the early 90s and expanded to the Kalamazoo location in the 2000s.

Fun Fact: The same family that opened Branch Gymnastics is still running it today!

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo
The viewing area at Branch Gymnastics in Kalamazoo

Meet the Team at Branch Gymnastics

The staff at Branch Gymnastics is made up of highly dedicated professionals with an absolute commitment to the children they work with. 

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo

Most of the coaches have experience at the collegiate level as gymnasts or in cheer and participate in hours of professional training each year.

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo

Each coach is required to complete a background check, first aid certification, concussion safety and safe sport training in addition to hours of professional education for the sport.

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo

You can rest assured that the coaches have your child’s safety is the top priority.

The coach accolades are worth a moment: they have a gold medalist on staff!

Additional Offerings

You will always find a special event or camp at Branch Gymnastics. Kalamazoo kids looking to have some fun, play or learn a new skill will like the variety of options available.

Insider Scoop: Anyone can attend Branch’s camps and clinics!

You need to enroll online with Branch to participate in their camps and clinics, but do not have to be a current Branch student.

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo

Summer Camps & Classes

Branch Gymnastics offers a variety of summer camps at both locations. You’ll find gymnastics camps at both locations plus dance offerings from Momentum in Kalamazoo.

Preschoolers and school-aged kids can join the themed summer camps for a few hours in the mornings throughout the summer. Each camp runs for 4 days.

Summer classes run in 3 blocks throughout the summer. You can sign up for 1 session or all 3. These classes are grouped by age and will help build skills or introduce the sport of gymnastics.

Special Events

Parents Night Out is one of Branch Gymnastics biggest hits. Parents who want a few hours without their kids can register and drop off the kids for some major fun. Usually pizza is involved!

There are also special clinics available to help progress skills or keep kids busy during school breaks.

Follow Branch Gymnastics on Facebook for the most up to date information on upcoming special events.

Enjoying pizza during Parents Night Out

How to Register

Ready to sign up at Branch Gymnastics?

With the Parent Portal, adding a child and selecting a class is a breeze.

For first time students, select the Branch Gymnastics location where you’d like to enroll. You’ll then create a profile for your child and search the course catalog online.

Once enrolled, tuition is auto billed monthly.

Branch Gymnastics Kalamazoo


How much will it cost?

There’s an initial $45 enrollment fee (paid annually). Individual classes start at $85/month.

How big of a time commitment are Branch’s classes?

Most classes meet once a week.

Class length varies from 30 minutes for recreational classes up to 80 minutes for higher level developmental classes.

Will my child be safe?

Safety is a top priority at Branch.

All coaches are background checked, first aid certified and receive concussion safety and safe sport training in addition to professional training for the sport.

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes are small to ensure skills are being taught and executed safely.

What does my child wear?

What they’re comfortable in! Most girls wear a leotard and boys wear athletic shorts and shirts.

Can I watch?

Yes! Both gyms have large viewing windows so you can watch your kids shine.

Do both locations offer the same classes?

You will find the same gymnastics classes in both Kalamazoo and Battle Creek but coaches, days and times might be different.

Dance is ONLY offered at the Kalamazoo location.

Branch Gymnastics

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