Young Fives or Kindergarten? Making the Right Decision for Your Child

Paramount Charter Academy

Is Your 4-Year Old Ready for Kindergarten?

Deciding what school your child should attend is often one of the most thought-out decisions made by parents and caregivers. Public or private? Charter school? Home school? Young 5’s kindergarten or Kindergarten?

The options seem endless and the stakes feel high.

My Child has a Late Fall Birthday, now what?

Your child may be impacted by the options, as not all schools accept a waiver.

Despite the weightiness of the decision, there are resources available to evaluate and determine what is the best enrollment choice for your child. National Heritage Academies schools provide options and insight to aid parents with this decision-making process.

With more than 90 schools in nine states and over 35 in Michigan, many National Heritage Academies schools offer a Young 5s program. Including Endeavor Charter Academy in Springfield/Battle Creek and Paramount Charter Academy in Kalamazoo.

Young 5’s May Be an Option to Consider

Age is Only One Factor

Not sure if your child is ready for kindergarten? Parents often struggle with this question. Young 5 programs are specially created for the child who is younger age-wise than the average kindergartner.

Children who turn five between September 1 and December 1 are often good candidates for this program. The only requirement is for parents to sign a parent waiver. However, not all schools accept waivers so be sure to research your options.

Young 5 classes provide support for younger learners who may benefit from the gift of an additional year as well as a smaller class size. These programs help children adjust to the social and academic demands of school in a fun and hands-on environment.

The Gift of Time

A young 5 curriculum provides the ‘gift of time’ so that teachers can help younger learners develop the social, motor, and academic skills necessary to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Students who complete their first year in a young 5 program are promoted to kindergarten the following year along with their young 5 peers.

“I love the school. My child does as well. We definitely love the Young 5’s teacher. She does a great job & I love her communication ability. She is great with my child!”   

-Paramount Charter Academy Parent

The Kindergarten of Today is Different from Our Kindergarten

From my Kindergarten days, I seem to remember it involving heavy amounts of glue, crayons and snack times. No doubt about it, today’s Kindergarten structure and expectations have changed.

If your child is ready for a more rigorous school day, then kindergarten may be the right choice.

Kindergarten moves at a faster pace than most Young 5 programs. Children should enter kindergarten with the basic personal, social, emotional, language, motor, and academic skills necessary to succeed in school.

Paramount Charter Academy

Kalamazoo Area NHA Schools

National Heritage Academies has two area schools – both with Young 5’s and kindergarten programs.

Paramount Charter Academy, located in Kalamazoo, and Endeavor Charter Academy, located in Springfield/Battle Creek, are tuition-free, public charter schools managed by National Heritage Academies.

Any student who meets the age requirements may attend charter schools. They are held to the same standards as public schools.

Tour the Schools

Try these virtual tours to learn more about these local schools:

Paramount Charter Academy
3624 S Westnedge, Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Endeavor Charter Academy
380 N Helmer Rd, Springfield, MI 49037

Need More Information?

Want to know how you can help your child have the very best transition into kindergarten? Request a free kindergarten readiness packet today.

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