Classes + Sports Spotlight – Kalamazoo Area Kids: Dance, Music, Gymnastics, Sports, Theatre, Cooking Lessons + More

Classes + Sports Spotlight – Kalamazoo Area Kids_ Dance, Music, Gymnastics, Sports, Theatre, Cooking Lessons + More

Lessons, Learning Opportunities and Classes for Kids Near Kalamazoo

Your go-to guide for lessons and classes in greater Kalamazoo.

We’ve covered everything A to Z – whether you’re seeking Acro dance classes or learning to play the Zither instrument.

Southwest Michigan offers abundant resources when it comes to learning activities and classes. Your child may have expressed an interest in martial arts classes, is begging to try horseback riding lessons, or wants to participate in a local sports league.

Parents, you may have identified a need – swim lessons or tutoring options – or advancing those culinary skills with a cooking class. Or, find a listing for Mommy and Me classes where caregivers can join in the fun.

In all, consider areas that your child navigates toward and wants to spend more time learning about. Our Lessons & Learning Guide has options for all ages and ability, whether your child is artistic, athletic, musically inclined or simply wants to try something new, like yoga classes.

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Homeschooling Resources

Review our listing of homeschool resources to help your child (and you!) navigate homeschooling near Kalamazoo.

Homeschool Resource Guide

Kalamazoo Homeschool Resource Guide

Getting Out of the House is Easy for Homeschool Kids Homeschooling is on the rise, and the greater Kalamazoo area redefines what it means to homeschool. Whether you are a homeschooling veteran or just starting out, Kalamazoo has an astounding array of support groups, classes, and extracurricular options certain to fit ...
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Cooking Classes for Kids Near Kalamazoo

Our list of hands-on cooking and baking classes may just turn your little ones into culinary experts, so make some room in the kitchen. Classes for all ages, including adults. We’ve noted a few places specializing in baking sessions.


Cooking Classes for All Ages Around Kalamazoo

Let’s Get Cooking Cereal for dinner again? For many parents, cooking can be a chore. Many of us make the same meals on a regular basis, rarely venturing outside of our culinary comfort zones. Add kids’ activities and parent’s work schedules into the mix, and we often don’t have sufficient time or ...
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dance class kalamazoo

Dance Lessons + Dance Schools

The Kalamazoo community offers a wide variety of dance classes – sure to keep your child on their toes. Classes range from 18 months to 18 years, for boys and girls. The list of dance studios offer opportunities for social growth and creative expression.

Ballet Kalamazoo

Academy of Dance Arts

West Michigan Dance Center

Wellspring Dance Academy

Ballet Arts School of Dance

Dance Class

Big List of Dance Classes Around Kalamazoo

Find dance classes for kids near Kalamazoo. The guide is full of options, whether your child's interest is ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz or modern dance ...
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acting and performing arts kalamazoo

Acting + Performing Arts Lessons

Theater classes around Kalamazoo where kids can take center stage. We’ve listed locations that offer courses in improvisation, musical theater, playwriting, and acting. The perfect introduction to theater for your littlest of Broadway fans.

Topanga Studio

Guide to Theater Classes around Kalamazoo

Theater Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Let the World be the Stage for your Child From a young age, children naturally start performing. As chubby little fingers walk the itsy bitsy spider up its water spout, a smile forms across the corners of their mouths as you cheer them on. As they age, a hairbrush becomes ...
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Music Lessons + Classes

It’s time to tune that Ukelele. Music lessons for kids will introduce them to the fundamentals of various genres. See our list of places in the Kalamazoo area offering private and/or group music lessons for instruments and voice lessons.

Crescendo Academy of Music

Kalamazoo Music School Logo

Music Lessons for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Music Lessons for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Let Kids Explore the Musical Landscape Has your child expressed an interest in playing the piano or do you find them cranking up the iPod to belt out a show tune? If you are thinking of getting your child started with music lessons or are looking for a place to ...
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Gymnastics Lessons, Cheer, Aerial + More

If your children have springs in their feet, gymnastics class may be just the ticket. With gymnastics, they can perfect their moves and gain an introduction into fitness. Review our list of gymnastics lessons, tumbling classes, and cheer.

Branch Gymnastics

The Little Gym of Kalamazoo

Kids Gym


Gymnastics Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Gymnastics and Tumbling Guide for Kalamazoo No doubt about it, gymnastics gives kids an early fitness foundation. Summersaulting off the furniture, balance walking along the curb, or making a bee-line for the monkey bars at the park - kids love to tumble. Gymnastics can be a fun way for your child ...
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equestrian horseback riding lessons kalamazoo

Horseback Riding Lessons

We’ve rounded up a list of farms or equestrian centers that offer horse riding lessons and/or camps around Southwest Michigan. Lessons are available for all ages and experience levels.

True Vine Equestrian Center

Kids riding horses lessons

Let’s Go Horseback Riding + Lessons and Rides for Families Near Kalamazoo

Find Your Horseback Riding Adventure this Summer Horses are gentle animals and riding them can be both fun and educational. Does your child ask for riding lessons every time you drive past a riding stable or farm? It doesn’t matter if you’re a horse expert or novice – these horseback ...
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karate kalamazoo

Martial Arts: Karate, Tae Kwon Do, etc

Explore our listing of local martial arts classes (Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, and other disciplines) for kids. In addition to the physical benefits, martial arts lessons can inspire confidence, instill discipline and provide fun for your children. 

martial arts classes kids

Martial Arts Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Not Your Typical Extracurricular Activity As parents, we are always striving to find the right activities for our children. Common extracurriculars may include soccer, gymnastics, dance classes or piano lessons. But what if none of these are the right fit your family? Which other activities can inspire confidence, instill discipline ...
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swimming lessons and sports spotlight kalamazoo

Swimming Lessons + Swim Teams

Swimming is a critical skill to master in order to allow children to feel confident when they head to the pool. Children of all ages can perfect their strokes and learn how to stay safe while making a splash. We’ve listed group and private swim classes, along with competitive swim teams.

Swim Classes around Kalamazoo

Where To Take Indoor Swim Lessons Around Kalamazoo

Dive Right In with Swim Lessons for Kids Summer in Michigan often means pool parties and trips to the lake. However, any season is the right time to learn how to swim or to brush up on swimming skills for kids of all ages. See our complete roundup of aquatic ...
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soccer kalamazoo

Sports – Teams, Classes + Lessons

These engaging kids’ sports will help your crew remain healthy and active. There are many offerings – including hockey, lacrosse, baseball, soccer, just to name a few. Review our comprehensive listing of all the spots around Kalamazoo for sports lessons and team participation.

Kingdom Sports

Red Arrow Soccer Club

Soccer Shots Kalamazoo

Sports Guide Kalamazoo

Guide to Youth Sports Around Kalamazoo

Southwest Michigan Sports Guide 2020 When was the last time you heard your child say "I want to try Lacrosse" or "Can we learn how to ice skate"? In our household, and I'm sure many others, this is a recurring theme. Children are inquisitive and have a natural desire to ...
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painting lessons

Visual Arts: Painting, Pottery, Drawing Classes + More

Children need hands-on art experiences that excite their imagination, curiosity, and creativity. Check out our listing of visual arts classes and workshops for all aspects of explorative art-making – pottery, drawing, painting and other artistic elements.

Art Classes Lessons and Learning - Kalamazoo

Art Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Make Refrigerator Worthy Masterpieces My house is covered in crafts. Whether it's the latest watercolor painting, a freshly built Play-Doh snowman, or a cardboard house awaiting Barbie's return, the projects are everywhere. While I have attempted to organize these mini masterpieces, I've realized that my efforts are futile: the crafts ...
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Yoga Classes for Families, Kids, Mommy + Me and More

Adults, as well as children, receive numerous benefits from practicing yoga. Yoga offers creative movement, mindfulness, and the development of motor and sensory-skills. Many Kalamazoo studios hold age-appropriate classes to help kids practice yoga skills, such as breathing exercises and balancing poses. Ready to give yoga a try? Read on for a list of area studios.

Kids in Yoga Class Kalamazoo

Find Your Flow with These Yoga Studios Near Kalamazoo – Classes for Kids + Families

Find Yoga studios and classes around Kalamazoo. Classes for all ages - including kids - to flex, stretch and learn various yoga techniques ...
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Lesson and Learning Guide

Mommy and Me Classes

Let loose with your kids as they learn to walk, talk and even swim with you by their side. We’ve put together our favorite ways to spend time with your little one, meet other mom friends and enjoy incredible developmental activities. Kalamazoo families have all kinds of choices for baby and me classes, from yoga to tumbling, music, art, and swimming.

Mommy and Me Classes in Kalamazoo - baby at yoga class

Who Says Kids Have all the Fun? Mommy and Me Classes You’ll Want to Try Near Kalamazoo

Find Mommy and Me classes near Kalamazoo. Swim, yoga, gym, or tumble classes with your infant or toddler is a great way to meet other parents ...
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Full Directory of All Lessons + Learning Opportunities

Kalamazoo’s full directory of lessons and learning opportunities at your fingertips. Classes for kids of all ages – including general classes and special interest classes.