Kalamazoo Halloween Updates: Trick or Treat Times, Events + Spooky Dining

Halloween Family

Kalamazoo’s Halloween Hub for 2020

Like many holidays, I find Halloween that much more enjoyable since we had kids. Each fall we play the is it too soon to decorate yet? game and try to hold off until October 1 before unearthing the ghosts and assorted Halloween decor from the basement. In 2020, we were fully decorated by September 25 (there’s always next year!).

Is Halloween still happening this year?

We get it. 2020 is a weird year and many things have been canceled or changed, leaving it hard to know whether events are still happening. Thankfully many Halloween activities are outside and can use social distancing. The CDC has some recommendations on how to keep Halloween safe here.

Whether you’re looking for Trunk or Treats, trick or treating times, Halloween-themed dining, corn mazes or anything else Halloween related, we’ve got it covered. Whatever your plans may be, we wish you a fang-tastic and safe Halloween this year.


All Things Halloween in Kalamazoo for 2020

Halloween celebrations happen on more than just October 31; local places in Kalamazoo offer fun activities all month long. These vary from virtual to drive-thru or in-person, offering a good variety for families to choose.

Use this list to find your family’s Halloween fun:

1) Pick Your Perfect Pumpkins

While you can find pumpkins at a grocery store, many consider the annual trip to the pumpkin patch a fun, family tradition. Whether tiny and decorative or large enough to require extra hands for transport, Kalamazoo provides ample locations for locating some great jack-o-lantern candidates.

There are pumpkin picking experiences for all: some prefer a small roadside stand (short and sweet), while others prefer a day trip, complete with family activities and farm animals.

Kalamazoo Pumpkin Picking
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2) Visit a Trunk or Treat

Local organizations are still hosting Trunk or Treats in Kalamazoo, although there are fewer than in previous years. Be sure to verify details as some have gotten creative and swapped for drive-thru versions.

If trick or treating is not in your plans this year, some Trunk or Treats are happening on October 31 and may serve as a good alternative for your family.

Halloween Trunk or Treat
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3) Scope Out Halloween Events throughout October

Kalamazoo area businesses and organizations help us celebrate Halloween all month long.

Whether it’s Trunk or Treats, food events, virtual events or nature hikes, local spots are finding creative ways to make Halloween fun throughout October.

Boys with Halloween costumes
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4) Explore a Local Corn Maze

Farms and orchards have gone BIG this year with their corn mazes. We have the best locations and some awesome photos of their maize masterpieces. Try this list for the best corn mazes and spots offering hayrides.

Fall Corn Maze
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5) Enjoy Some Halloween Treats & Spooky Dining Specials

Kalamazoo restaurants also get into the Halloween fun each year with treats and other spooky specials. Whether it’s monster shakes, candy apples or special ice cream flavors, local shops join the seasonal fun.

Halloween is also a gourd time for dining deals: check our list for BOGO offers or discounts on food to celebrate the holiday.

Halloween Treats Kalamazoo
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6) Sneak a Peek at Halloween Displays- If You Dare

Christmas isn’t the only season for outdoor decorating. Take a trip downtown to experience SkeleTour, or head to some local neighborhoods to see how families are decking out their houses with spooky and silly Halloween decor.

Portage Halloween House
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7) Check your Neighborhood’s Trick or Treating Times

Trick or treating is still happening in Kalamazoo this year for families that are comfortable partaking. For those that are headed out for candy collection, we recommend checking our list first to verify your community’s trick or treating hours.

If you’re looking for more socially distant ways to toss those Snickers bars, we also have some suggestions with our candy hacks.

Little girl having fun on Halloween trick or treat
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8) Sell Or Donate Your Extra Candy

While the phrase “too much candy” may not compute for many kids, the option to trade some for cash or donate to a good cause may change their minds. Many dentists will pay by the pound to collect excess sugary sweets after Halloween.

Check here for buyback events and organizations where your family can unload your extra candy: