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What Was your Child’s First Word?

As our daughter approached her first birthday, we anxiously awaited her first words and speculated what she might say. Would her first word be mama? Maybe cat? (We had two of them, after all).

After lots of babbling and encouragement, the day arrived when she said “hi!” and even used it in context.

Hi?? That was a surprise. And she used it a lot. Everyone got a greeting: cashiers, mail carriers, stuffed animals and the aforementioned cats.

Many parents wonder when toddlers should start talking.

According to the Mayo Clinic, babies generally have a few words by 12 months, 10 words by 18 months and about 50 by 24 months. However, every child is different.

If you’re concerned about speech or any milestone, ask your pediatrician. He or she may refer you to a speech pathologist.

Speech Pathologists Help With A Variety of Conditions

Speech therapy can help a toddler find those first words or older children improve their speech sounds.

But they can also help in many other areas as well: speech services benefit individuals with disabilities, traumatic brain injury patients, and can assist with swallowing therapies.

Local parents voted on the best of the best for speech treatment in Kalamazoo and surrounding areas; we’ve curated the top five below.

Any sponsors you see were first voted by our readers and then were invited to offer more information about their practice.

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Voting Results: Speech Therapy for Kids

Speech therapy can be a game-changer for many families. Whether it’s helping develop those first words or refine speech sounds when older, speech pathologists help with a variety of communication skills. Here are the top picks in speech therapy:

2022 Best Doctor

 Winner: Dawn Chamberlain at Kalamazoo Speech Associates

Top Speech Therapists

1 – Chamberlain, Dawn (Kalamazoo Speech Associates)
2 – Holda, Ken (Bronson Rehabilitation Services – Elm Valley Drive)
3 – (TIE) Gildea, Stacy (Professional Speech Services of Kalamazoo, LLC)
3 – (TIE) Tobin, Heather (Bronson Rehabilitation Services – Elm Valley Drive)

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