Frightfully Fun Halloween Displays Near Kalamazoo

Halloween Light Displays to See

Halloween Displays that Offer Spook, Without the Scare

Halloween marks the beginning of the festive decorating season, but instead of red and green, houses are ablaze with with orange and purple.

Decorations don’t need to be scary to be festive. Feeling crafty? We’ve included ideas for inexpensive Halloween decorations you can make with the kids.

Giggle at the graveyards with funny names. See posable skeletons, and motion-activated bats hanging from trees. Halloween fans love creating displays for others to enjoy.

We polled our readers to find the best places to view family-friendly spooky fun in the Kalamazoo area. This was a tricky question for our readers and only netted a few responses.

Do you have a neighbor who decked out their yard this year? We would love to know.

Halloween Girl tour displays

From Mummies to Massive Spiders – 3 Fun Halloween Displays Near Kalamazoo Worth a Visit

1) Portage – 1215 Woodland Drive

Take a drive down Woodland Drive, and a few doors east of Woodland Elementary is a Pinterest worthy Halloween display. The home owners love having kids come over to enjoy all of their special touches. From the clever tombstones, to their skeletons enjoying a Victorian teatime on the porch – your eyes may do a doubletake.

Don’t Miss: The witch’s ingredient area that she left behind when she crashed into a tree.

Halloween Decorations skeletons

2) Scotts – 5777 Clover Meadows (Holiday House 5777)

Known for their massive inflatable holiday displays, HolidayHouse5777 does not disappoint for Halloween. Get out of the car and take a stroll through ghosts, pumpkins, and dragons. Display runs daily from 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM – but is heavily dependent on weather conditions.

Don’t Miss: Giant sea serpent with flaming mouth dragon

Halloween display for families near Kalamazoo

3) Kalamazoo – Downtown Kalamazoo SkeleTour

Skeletons have popped up all over downtown Kalamazoo. With the beautiful October weather, what better reason than to take a walking tour to see them up close and personal. A little spooky, and a whole lot of silly, these skeletons are posed in hilarious ways that beg for selfies. All of them reflect businesses and organizations unique to Kalamazoo.

Don’t Miss: A ride on Trolley of Terror – runs every Saturday from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM, connecting riders to the skeleton displays in the area.

Drive to These Greater Michigan Haunts, If You Dare

Greenfield Village, Dearborn – Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village

More than 50 costumed characters, over 1,000 hand-carved jack-o-lanterns, hot brews, live music, and ten treat stations make this a must for day-tripping Halloween fans. It promises to be an enchanting evening under the stars.

Terror on Tillson, Romeo

Over 30 historical homes put on this annual event that is known throughout Metro Detroit. Come see the decorations during the day (final decorations go up the week before Halloween), or come on Halloween for its one-of-a-kind trick-or-treating.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a bit of a scare – consider this Michigan Road Trip to Haunted Houses and other Spooky Attractions.

Try These 4 Inexpensive Ideas for Kid-Friendly Decorations

Sure, pumpkin carving is a family must-do. Add in the following simple ideas to spice up the front yard.

girl next to spooky spider display Kalamazoo

Dress-up Skeletons

Plastic skeletons are easy to find at this time of year, and kids will love dressing their skeleton up in an old costume or old clothes and posing it in the yard. Sit the skeleton on the porch, have it resting on a lawn chair, have it trying to climb a tree, there are so many fun things to do with this bony friend.

Tombstones and Spooky Signs

Floral styrofoam sheets or a pack of make-your-own tombstones from the store are perfect for designing your own graveyard. Let kids create their own funny names, such as B. Write Bak. For more instructions on a DIY tombstone, see instructions here.

Or grab a scrap piece of wood, attach it to a post or string for hanging, and let kids paint and decorate it with sayings like “Keep Out“.

Tennis Ball and Milk Jug Ghosts

Kids will love hanging a piece of white sheet over a tennis ball, securing it at the bottom, and drawing a spooky face. Hang those adorable ghosts from the tree where they can blow around in the wind.

If you have extra milk jugs lying around, use a Sharpie to draw eyes and a mouth on one side, throw a glow stick or fairy lights in, and you have a fun way to light the way to your porch for Halloween night.

No-Carve Spooky Pumpkin Fun

Foam or real pumpkins can be painted black. Then with a few additions, pumpkins can sport cat ears or bat wings. Kids can cover their pumpkins with googly eyes, or paint their pumpkin to look like a giant piece of candy corn. For more ideas on no-carve pumpkin fun, find inspiration here.

Do you have a neighbor whose house we should add to our must-see Halloween displays in the Kalamazoo area? Please let us know in the comments below.

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